Low Blogging Levels Ahead

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It’s been a tough summer for bad news here. I had a close friend take a heart attack (good news is he is recovering well after a triple by-pass), found out that a former “superior” of mine that I liked and respected very much at a previous occupation was diagnosed with brain cancer, my father in-law diagnosed with a brain tumour (bad news just came in that it is malignant), while an old family friend of my father-in-law (that I also knew) passed away this week – and tonight, news that the former “superior” passed away today.

This has all put a bit of a damper on some plans I had and I’ll have to see how things go with my father in-law – I had planned to be away in Alberta in September at the Fly Fishing Championships but am revisiting those plans at the moment. Much will depend on the health of my father in-law.

As well, I’ve got visits from teenage sons coming up. So, I’ll likely be in a very quiet blogging mode including comments here and elsewhere. If I don’t respond, it’s not because I’m not interested. Just other priorities at this time. All these bits of bad news can be quite wearying. I don’t think I’ve had a time before where there were such numbers of people in just a few months that I really liked and respected pass away and/or have such serious health issues.

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