Let The Bible Speak – On Abortion

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If one of your wives has been “unfaithful,” and you’re the jealous sort, abortion is quite right:

” But if you have gone astray while under your husband’s authority, if you have defiled yourself and some man other than your husband has had intercourse with you’ — let the priest make the woman take the oath of the curse and say to the woman— ‘the Lord make you an execration and an oath among your people, when the Lord makes your uterus drop, your womb discharge; now may this water that brings the curse enter your bowels and make your womb discharge, your uterus drop!’ And the woman shall say, ‘Amen. Amen.’”

~ Numbers Chapter 5 (New Revised Standard Version)

9 thoughts on “Let The Bible Speak – On Abortion”

  1. Yep, just like I predicted, you’re too much of a pussy to criticize other religions.

    Is it ignorance, or fear, that compells you to only criticize the most tolerant and charitable of religions? Are you afraid that skeeeeeery Rastafarians will beat you up if you insult their religion? Does it make you shriiieeeek like a little girl to think how fast you’d get stabbed for criticizing Islam? Please advise!

    1. I’m not “criticizing” anything, Anonalogue. It is your insane projection that I am “criticizing” some philosophy or religion.

      In fact, what I am doing is letting the Bible speak. how you project this as “critiscim” of any religion is .. beyond me.

      Do you agree or not, that Numbers Chapter 5 shows abortion to be “right” in some circumstances?

      Is Numbers Chapter 5, God’s inerrant word, or not?

      This is not “critical” at all. It is nothing more than my attempt to “Let The Bible Speak.”

      You have a problem with the Bible Speaking?

  2. Gee, Anon…I’m surprised at you. Surely you know that the Bible is one of the holy books of Islam, and that Ian’s comments on the Bible are directed in equal measure towards Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

    I’m astonished that a scholar of your erudition and deep, DEEP spiritual insight missed that.

    This is [email protected]

    1. I guess Balb, the problem for Anon is that I’ve actually read, probably about ten times, cover to cover. I know what it says.

      Anonalogue on the other hand, likely depends on what others say the Bible says.

      I’ve got three different translations of the Bible sitting on my desk this very moment. Every one of them is marked with my own personal notes, comparisons, and of course, Matt Henry’s, as well as John Calvin’s commentary comes in quite handy, along with Young’s Concordance.

      i wonder if Anonalogue knows what a “Concordance” is.

  3. I’d also like to point out to Anonalogue, that in a previous life, I was of a very low sept. Part of my ability to die, and become of a higher sept was my ability to “scrute” reality.

    God so LOVED me that not only did he give his only son for me, but be allowed me to be born again, into a new life, where I could then graduate from “scruting” he works of ancient hindus, buddhists, and the like, to scruting the very works that in this “Judeo-Christian” tradition we now live in, the Holy Scriptures.

    God in fact made it possible for me to read His Word ten times at least, and to have knowledge of His Word, such that I can point to abortions, narcotics, romantic and sexual love (not at the same time), and of course, recognize that which is evil and foul mouthed; the illogical within us.

    After my death, and after Balbulican’s death, new saints will be added for the work of discerning truth of His Word – Saint Ian, and Saint Balbulican.

    Don’t say it’s not so, Anonalogue, for we all know that the mysteries of the Lord are great and wonderful; and His truth (even regarding abortions and narcotics) are forever. In each time, He has appointed some, usually unpopular to those that believe they know the Truth, to bring them to His truth, time and time again.

    Those who only slighty know His Word are like Satan, able to quote when it suits them; but for those of us that know His Word from decades of study, He will bless.

    And let me tell you Anon… the Muslims are children of the groin of Abraham, just as the Israelites are.

    He who hates ANY child of that which God has chosen, let him be anathema.

  4. Of course I know what Concordance are, you small pussy.

    They’re little insects on supersonic French airliners. Right?

    1. So…you WEREN’T aware that Muslims recognize the Bible as a holy book too?

      Gee. Ian, this raises the possibility that he may not know that Rastafarians do too.

      Did you know that, A? Yes, of course you did.

      Still waiting for your real name and email address so we can have our little get together. That’s [email protected].

      1. Didn’t ask for your email, pussy, I asked you to shut the fuck up or be a man and say it to my face. You’ve done neither,

        …pussy 😉

        (For Ian’s 12 remaining readers who might be curious why this babs chap is obsessed with me, I made fun of him once months ago and he’s been bitter ever since.)

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