Let The Bible (And The Saints, Popes, and Preachers) Speak

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In this post on caniballism, some entity that calls itself “Anonalogue” has accused some commenters here to be “anti-catholic haters.”

Indeed, I despise those that are haters of anti-catholics myself. Hatred of any form is irrational. Whether it is Roman Catholics hating Muslims, Protestants hating Roman Catholics, or atheists hating those that are religous. And of course, being a hater of anti-catholics.

Hatred for individuals of any belief is silly.

So, to be of assistance to Anonalogue, I propose to create a new section here on Ianism, that will actually promote the Bible, promote the views of saints and popes, and of course, preachers.

As we try to determine the truths about abortion, polygamy, and any other subject, we’ll seek out the advice of those that are “saintly” or “filled with the Holy Spirit” while of course, looking directly to Holy Scripture itself for answers.

This should be a very “positive” section on Ianism, I’d think, to promote the beliefs of Saints, Popes and Preachers. And of course, we’ll look to God’s infallible word as well.

Stay tuned for more of “Let The Bible (And The Saints, Popes, and Preachers) Speak.”

5 thoughts on “Let The Bible (And The Saints, Popes, and Preachers) Speak”

  1. No, I got a better idea, you fucking anti-catholic pussy: go hassle some other religion, asshole. Try running smack on Allah or Buddha or Yaweh or Ras Tafari or Siri Guru Granth Sahib, bitch, and see how fast you get stabbed by a real religious freak. Bet you don’t have the guts to, pussy.

  2. How can you call me “anti-catholic” when in fact, I plan on promoting Roman Catholic beliefs? Are you that insane?

    Not much to discuss about Buddha really – Buddha was the sort to empty his mind, and let be what is. As far as “Yaweh,” well, we will certainly discuss Old Testament teachings as well. Some of my Jewish friends look forward to that, in fact as they despise them being called “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian.”

    As far as “Allah” goes, you’ll note some major similarities between that taught by “Allah” and “Yaweh.” I’ll let you point out the differences.

    Re Ras Tafari, I’ve done my time with rastafarians already, and perhaps when I’m in the mood, I’ll write about the beliefs of my Rastafarian friends. But for now, I just thought I’d let the Bible (And Saints, Popes and Preachers) speak.

    How come you think your idea is better then mine?

  3. I see that you’re getting “The Anonalogue Experience” on home soil Ian, I’m sure you feel appropriately blessed. Ultimately he will research your posts and comments, here and elsewhere, and come up with the definative statement of what you are based on them in the context that he choses to see them in. Eventually he will start muttering about vague legal action, how he has been slandered, and how the reputation of the Anonalogue persona has been unfairly sullied — it’s sort of a fun exercise to watch.

    That aside, and in discussing the “truth” of anything, it should be noted that there are a great many personal truths, at least 2 for every man, woman, and child, walking the planet – and while there may be a few societal truths kicking around, there are precious damned few, if any, universal truths.

    I await your “Let The Bible (And The Saints, Popes, and Preachers) Speak” series with more than just a little joyous anticipation.

  4. Does Anonalogue’s preferred mode and tone of expression strike anyone else as oddly un-Christlike? Or is it just me?

    I’m trying to remember the bits of the Bible where Jesus said stuff like: “Pilate, you fuckiing anti-semitic pussy, go hassle some other saviour, asshole, and see how fast you get stabbed. Bet you don’t have the guts to, pussy.”

    Heh. Isn’t it strange that the core teachings of Christ – love, forgiveness, forbearance, turning the other cheek, peace-making, meekness, humility – seem to have the least impact on the foul mouthed hysterics who claim to be his most devoted defenders? They seem to have missed all that stuff.

    I say with sorrow that you’re really not doing very much for the reputation of your chosen faith, A…nor are you demonstrating Christ’s teachings to us infidels very effectively. Really, you should think about the example of Christianity you’re setting.

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