I’m Lucky

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“Boy you’re lucky. I never told my father I love him;
and he never told me he loved me; and now it’s
way too late.”

~ A Friend Via Email

Yup, I’m lucky. Forget about all the left wing/right wing and everything in between partisanship and all the other bullshit in the world; what really counts is that one can give love and get love.

I had mentioned to a friend of mine that my big strapping almost 18 year old son had no issues with saying, “Love you, Dad” or give me a hug when he saw me – and I received the above reply.

Yup, my son and I have had some issues over the years, I’ve had to read him the “Riot Act” a couple of times, but I’ve also listened to him, remembered myself what it was like to be a teenager with hormones oozing out of every cell, with energy and desires to make everything happen NOW, and I know I haven’t been a perfect dad, but when you got a son that is “mega-cool” to all his friends, and that son can still give you a hug and tell you he loves you even when he’s a teenager, it’s enough to make you damn proud.

And realize how “lucky” you are, too.

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