I Am Almost Tempted

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To fly the Red Ensign on my site. Not because of what I think of the Red Ensign, or having some “patriotic” feelings towards it – no.

Instead, to honour those Red Ensign bloggers that emailed me today after my utter and crazy posts of last night that were motivated by anger, and prompted by someone that probably would never fly a Red Ensign but who remained anonymous. In respect for those that emailed me privately, accepted my apology and have expressed a willingness to continue dialogue, disagree, and of course, expect a much greater degree of civility from me than I showed the other night.

I really have no idea what came over me when I posted the inflammatory, idiotic, and outright immature (actually, immature is not a good description.. those who have no maturity would not have posted what I did), stupid, post the other night. I am utterly ashamed, and in honour of those I offended, here it is:

canadian red ensign

4 thoughts on “I Am Almost Tempted”

  1. It looks good, Ian. Join us Ian. Feel the power of the Ensign, Ian. You cannot imagine the power of the Ensign! Join us and together we can have a marginal at best influence on public policy and opinion! DWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

  2. All this has done is make me extremely curious as to what was posted! 🙂 … But flags have meaning only when freely flown. And sometimes not even then. So feel free and proud to be a fellow traveller on the other side of the spectrum from the “fellow travellers” of yore. Or give into the temptation…

  3. Ian, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the apology on behalf of the group. We’re all human, and each of us will, through the course of life, do things we’ll recoil at later. Such is the human condition. It takes more guts to apologize than to rant, so if anything, your stock is a little higher with me right now than it was before. =)

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