Google Search Engine Rankings Bouncing Around

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The last week or see has seen a ton of weirdness going on with Google. I’ve been seeing a lot of stragness in the Google SERP’s on many many searches, and it looks like Google rolled out a “Penguin” update, and then did something else..  but they seem kind of messed up right now.

Another quick observation which I have to look more into is that I’m seeing a lot more traffic on a significant number of sites that is originating with Bing and Yahoo. I know that something has been in the works as far as an agreement between Firefox and Yahoo but am not sure if that is in effect yet, where Yahoo is to become the default search engine for new installations of the Firefox browser.

I won’t have time to delve into this for the next couple of days too much, but for now, it’s an interesting observation that has my attention.

What have you been noticing?

1 thought on “Google Search Engine Rankings Bouncing Around”

  1. I also noticed instances like this, my site’s SERPs bouncing like balls but I think you’re right, maybe it has something to do with Google updating their algorithms. Not that I’m complaining though, love it or hate it, every Google update is a move for the better.

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