Ghetto Schools?

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Jaeger over at Trudeaupia is right on, once again. Today, he provides some commentary on an editorial in the Toronto Star that discusses charter schools and flexibility in the public school system.

I’ve got three kids in the public school system, and for the most part, it’s been a pathetic experience for all of them. Why public school supporters that religiously (and they are religious) preach against choice for parents is beyond me.

But the irony in the Star’s editorial is that Trish Worron, the author states “Alberta all but encouraged parents to desert the public system by taking the unconscionable step of making charter schools eligible for the same per pupil funding as the public schools.”

As Jaeger points out, it was exactly this step that Alberta took that forced the public school board to look at providing more flexibility in the public schools. Without charter school elgibility, it’s doubtful this would have ever happened. See? Even competition in education can motivate a slow climb from out of the deep depths of mediocrity.

And that’s unconscionable? Say what?

But even more telling about Worron’s views is her outrageous deduction that value based schools are like ghettos: “And there are some distinctly distasteful aspects to the Edmonton program. One of its programs is “Christian-based.” The last thing this multicultural city needs is schools that are little ghettos based on race or religion.”

Well, guess what Trish. There are already schools in Toronto based on Christian values, Jewish values, Roman Catholic values, Muslim values (A list of Muslim schools, which interestingly provide the ethnicity of the students attending ), and many others that aren’t religion based. You calling them ghettos? You should take a walk around some of these places before you stoop to such harmful “hate language.” Substitute the words “Jewish-based” for “Christian-based” and see what happens.

Anyhow, go read Jaeger’s take on this. He’s always good, and a favorite of mine. His article on School Choice is also recommended.

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