Full Moon Over Makronisos

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full moon rising above island of makronisos
The full moon rising in the evening sky over the island of Makronisos.

It was a beautiful evening Sunday, May 15th, 2022. I was out starting the barbecue up and waiting for the charcoal to be ready for grilling the steaks purchased from an awesome butcher in Ataladi and watched as the moon rose in the still sunlit evening. I grabbed my camera and with the 50mm lens, took a few shots. The above photo is cropped – the originals were okay, but the moon did not look as great in the full size photos.

The first island in view is Makronisos, and the one behind that you can see the outline of is Kea. The photo was taken from Spiliazeza – about 800m from the sea and at an altitude of about 100 m above sea level.

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