Fantasy Choices and Possible Reality Choices

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So I’m in a night mode, getting myself ready for sleep mode – which might happen soon, and am thinking about Rock The Park 2008. I still have a whole lot of pictures as well as comments when I get around to making them, in regard to Rock The Park 2007 that I’ve not already made – but in the meantime, the “Rock The Park” website is asking me to provide information as to bands I’d like to see next year.

That’s a tough one. Bearing in mind, this is about “rock,” and fguring that most who have any knowledge of classic rock or the beginnings of rock, or the enjoyment of the pursuit of rock will share a similar definition as mine in regard to what “rock” is, I have several “fantasy” ideas about who I’d like to see at Rock The Park 2008 in London, ON.

Three days, 12 performers.

Wow.. what a concept. If you could schedule your own 12 bands over three days, who would they be?

Available or not, today?

I can think of a bunch of bands I’d love to have seen, or would like to see.. such as The Beatles and The Rollling Stones, but in all honesty, I don’t think I’d personally include them in my top 12.

If I had to think of how each day would finish… at this point, I’m thinking:

Day One: Queen

Day Two: AC/DC

Day Three: The Who

And then of course, there is Rush. But.. even Rush I’d put behind the three I’ve just mentioned as far as my own sheer entertainment is concerned. Then there is Radiohead, Foghat, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd (sheesh, maybe Pink should be a final headliner as well!!!), The Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin.. The Ramones (yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know.. some claim The Ramones for as “punk” and not actually “rock,” but screw that idea).

But then, even though not totally “rock,” what would a 12 day fantasy Rock The Park be without the likes of Bob Dylan? And Rory Gallagher??


For Canadians, that want to ensure “Canadian” content, that might even create more “issues.” Rush is probably a given – but then, you’ve got April Wine (if you liked that sort of rock), David Wilcox (in my opinion, the premiere Canadian Solo rocker and entertainer ever with the most songs that will live on and on and on), BTO, The Guess Who, Saga, Max Webster, Red Rider (Tom Cochrane), and wasn’t Loverboy Canadian?


Damn.. Tom Cochrane. He’s got to be one of the top 12 maybe, too.

I know it’s pretty impossilbe for most music lovers to pick any “top 12,” but it would be fun to find out and read of other’s Top 12 as a fantasy three day Rock The Park… and then based on the classic bands today that can still pull together the same sounds they produced (and in my opinion, bands like Rush and The Who that can still pull together even new material that is just as good as previous material) – the top 12 reality wish list.

Being able to perform live can also be a consideration.

At this very moment, and I admit my moment tomorrow might change my opinion, my list for the reality possibilities for Rock the Park 2008 are:

Day One:

1. Wise Young & King. (I’m serious. if these guys could get it together… and ALL of them decide to just love making music, no matter what the immediate financial reward might be.. I truly think they could go places.. and will entertain a hell of a log of people).

2. Trooper. These guys still have what it takes. Great band to keep on keepin’ on.

3. David Wilcox – for those that don’t know David Wilcox, get some. Many people might not include Wilcox in such an excercise because he’s just so… well.. playable, approachable, and continues to do a lot of events. But.. he’s great.

4. Night finishes up with Tom Cochrane.

Day Two:

1. Rick Derringer Band. These guys can rock. If you’re not there at 4PM, and have missed them, your loss.

2, Cheap Trick – yeah, they think highly of themselves – no, I don’t thing they are best “effing” band in the world, but… loud, good, entertaining… and able to get the crowd ready for the rest of the weekend. Sixty year old women that burned their bras will be up dancing by now to “I Want You To Want Me..” and more. And they won’t mind grooving with 22 year old women that don’t even know what a bra is. All the better for us middle aged white guys that only know how to dance like a white guy.
3. Rush. Yeah I know.. they probably should be night’s headliner on their own.. but after the women that burned their bras and dancing with women that have never heard the word “brazierre” before, ‘tom saywer’ just seems appropriate. And of course, it would be fun knowing that Cheap Trick is followed up by the band that never invited them back to tour again, too. As they say, three against four is just not a ‘fair’ competition. And an hour of Rush… libertarian songs.. who the hell cares whether it is “three against four” or whatever…

4. AC/DC. There were a lot of folk that went to Rock The Park for only one night. What better band than the one that showed up the Rolling Stones and who can produce energy, electricity, and just plain old good ol’ rock ‘n roll for an hour than AC/DC? AC/DC for 60 plus minutes…. now.. you want to “rock the park?” Like.. really ‘rock the park’? My respects to Deep Purple and George Thorogood.. but.. seriously.. if you really want to rock the park.. any park.. AC/DC needs to be there. No, not my all time favorite band – my favorites being my own subjectiveness.. but.. AC/DC has to be there anyhow.

Day Three:

1. The Proclaimers. Yes.. I see you shaking year head. Just listen to their music. The lyrics.. Yeah.. a great band to start of day three.
2. I’d be there pretty darn early if Ted Nugent were to be #2 on day three. Yeah, I know this choice might raise some eyebrows… oh well. I’ve been doing the “wango tango” for years, as well as appreciating sweet poontang.. and Ted is loud.. fun, and quite awesome on the guitar. Ted might not like the fact I’ve chosen him to open up.. but it is the last day…

3. Deep Purple. I know.. the Purple probably wouldn’t take too kindly to be second fiddle to someone else.. but in this case, I hope they won’t mind. They definitely would be my choice to be there… and.. well, I’d want them on the last day as well. But… I’m sorry .. the next and final band wuld be what I’d want to “rock on” with. Deep Purple went through some awesome songs during their performance at Rock The Park 2007; I’m only privilidged that I can say and claim I heard it all live. Along with “Highway Star,” “Space Trucking,” “Smoke On The Water..”.. Gosh.. I was so disappointed they didn’t do “Hush” – but then “Hush” was their final encore song… incredible.

4. The Who. I know.. it’s not the same “The Who” of 30 years ago. I know. But after seeing them live in Toronto in December, The Who lives on. Entwistle and Moon might be gone.. but.. Daltrey and Townshend are amazing. And Ringo’s son along with Pino the Bassist and Townshends brother on guitar… The Who lives. I think The Who shall always live. Kind of like how Beethoven and Pachelbel shall always live too. And I realize it is probably a fantasy to think of The Who finishing up Rock The Park 2008, (thinking of The Who as Townshend and Daltrey), but it is possible.

I personally think Pete Townshend is a genius and Roger Daltrey is going to live on forever in the minds of and generations of singing Townshend’s works. I’ve read a lot of what some critics have written about their latest album, “Endless Wire,” but I have no idea what would satisfy critics. I personally love most of it.

More on that another time. But for now, my favorite, as I’ve said before is “Man In A Purple Dress” as sung by Roger Daltrey in Toronto.

But there you have it. My 12.. what are yours?

8 thoughts on “Fantasy Choices and Possible Reality Choices”

  1. In order, placing the breaks between days as you did:

    1. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    2. Lynyrd Skynyrd
    3. ACDC
    4. Grateful Dead

    5. Guess Who
    6 Niel Young
    7 Niel Young and Crazy Horse
    8. ZZ Top

    9 Crosby Still Nash and Young
    10 Tragically Hip
    11 The Doors
    12 Allman Brothers

  2. This is a tough one, but as it’s good work avoidance, I’ll bite. Keeping to the format, then, and resurrecting band members as necessary:

    1. Triumph
    2. Rainbow (with Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio)
    3. The Guess Who
    4. AC/DC

    5. Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)
    6. Dream Theater
    7. Alice in Chains
    8. Rush

    9. Led Zeppelin
    10. Pink Floyd
    11. Queen
    12. Cream

    Shit, I could fill out a second lineup that, with very few exceptions (Rush, Queen, and Cream) could easily replace this one … and that’s not counting bands I really like but know to suck live (are you reading, Primus?).

  3. 1. The Pursuit of Happiness
    2. Parachute Club
    3. Headpins (with TooLoud R.I.P.)
    4. Any incarnation of G3

    1. Rough Trade
    2. Tragically Hip
    3. Rush
    4. Rolling Stones

    1. Seeds of Time
    2. Neil Young
    3. Guess Who
    4. Led Zeppelin

  4. Mike.. Lynard Skinnard would be awesome… but likely unreal unless there’s a heaven afterlife 🙂

    I know the post was probably confusing.. bit iit would be interesting (to me) to see what follks would want to see.. including bands even not totally “original” but still exist … and could possibly be be a realty to see.

  5. Sunni.

    nice choices.. Cream would be incredible as the last band… but I fear Cream won’t ever perform again together.

    I’ll make you another “pact” though – if they do.. we’re there )

  6. Ron,

    Interesting you would put Geuss Who on the last day. And Neil Young.. damn.. I didn’t eve think about hime. But I should have.

    There are a few otherrs on your list I will haave to go listen more too.

    But so far, personally, my own list still stands 🙂

  7. Oh…you want living bands…pretty much eliminates the Dead as well, ironically. Apparently Skynard was touring with Ronnie Van Zant’s little brother doing the singing a few years ago…but he refused to sing “Free Bird” so what’s the point eh?…


    Perhaps we can throw in The Police and I quite like Ron’s stuff from the 80’s. Dare I add Lou Reed / Velvet Underground, The Clash, and, if we could resurrect Joey, The Ramones.

    A guy I used to play hockey with up here is\was the lead singer of 8 Seconds. And I know Dave and Moe from TPOH, so we would have to include them….

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