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The London Fog cuts through the mist of illogical reporting in the city of London with some great fisking of an article which asks the wrong “why” questions.

I wonder “why” these nincompoops continue to ask the wrong “why” questions. Why am I still alive at 41 (give or take another week or two), played in fields with scrap metal, never wore a bike helmet, never sat in an infant car seat, grew up with guns, went on a Grade 4 field trip to Moss Park Armories where our entire class learned about gun safety and shot rifles on the range, drove a crappy car with the fenders blowing in the wind because it was the only car I could afford.. the list goes on and on…

Anyhow, check out The London Fog’s fisking of an article that asks the wrong “why” questions.

Time to raise the “Back Off” banner soon.

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