Elance SEO Skills Test – My Results

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I was having a conversation with someone this evening who suggested that I take a look at the Elance.com website both with the idea of offering my services to those who need them as well as locating others who could work for me. I have to admit Elance was something I knew about but had totally forgotten about. I had created an account there years ago but hadn’t done anything with it.

So after reconfirming myself, I had a look at some of the requests for proposals and discovered that I first needed to take a test about Elance in general. That was easy enough – 100%.

Then I discovered that they had a test on “SEO” skills. I thought I’d take it. It was 40 questions and I had 40 minutes to complete it. I completed it in about 20 minutes. There were a few questions that I would  say were a bit “controversial” in that they may assume that what some experts claim are correct, however there is divided opinion on the correct answer. It is only theory, and search engines like Google have never come out and told us the right answer or confirmed it.  It begged me to ask, “Ok, which side is the author of this test on?”

Some of the questions were quite technical as well. Which is good. You can’t claim to know SEO if you don’t have some idea of the technicalities that go on with web servers and various meta tags and know what they mean and how a search engine may respond.

There were also questions on Google’s Web Master guidelines, which I found quite easy to answer; but then I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years studying.

In the end, I’m proud to say that I received the “Top 5%” designation of all those on Elance that have taken the test. I was also told that my percentile was 98.  I have forgotten my high school report card days, and was curious about that – and discovered that I scored higher than 98% (or better) of all who had taken the test.

But I’ll tell you what: It’s not just what you can do on a test, it’s also the results you actually get with SEO efforts. And I’m proud to say we’ve got a really good track record going on here over the past 15 years, since we’ve been at it.

At the same time, it is something I absolutely love to do! Yes, there are sometimes bumps along the way – Google doesn’t respond as fast as we’d always like, there are Google updates, but we’ve managed to keep a fairly good pattern in place in spite of these.

And no… I’m not going to tell you the questions and answers! 🙂




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