David Appell & The Troposphere

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David Appell is a character that claims to have a degree in Math and Physics (Double Major) and apparently has been a contributor to various publications including Scientific American, Nature, New Scientist, and others.

He also regularly posts comments on the blog of Dr. Roy Spencer, one of the climatologists who examines satellite data to interpret measurements that relate to temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Some of Appell’s comments on Dr. Spencer’s blog are expressions of insane ideas. Appell appears to be very critical of any argument (or person that might put forth an argument) that suggests we are not in a “climate emergency” or that questions the degree of warming caused by CO2.

But should you take David Appell’s past education and his long list of publications that his writing has appeared in, that Appell has any sort of scientific credibility?

I think not. Not only does Appell engage in ad hominem attacks against those he disagrees with, he also posts absolute false, fake nonsense. It is incredible to me that a person that is supposed to have some kind of “scientific knowledge” would write fake information.

In a discussion about some temperature measurements of the atmosphere, Appell insanely writes:

“Rule 1: People live on the surface, not in the troposphere.”

I missed 4 years of public school when I was a child due to an illness. I’m not sure what excuse Appell would have for missing what seems to be many many years of public school and the basic descriptions of the atmosphere and it’s levels.

I learned this stuff in primary grades. And I will tell you a fact:

You live ALL your life in the troposphere.

You breathe in the troposphere. You pee in the troposphere. You have sex in the troposphere. Females give birth in the troposphere. You die in the troposphere. When you die, and if you are buried, finally, your body is no longer in the troposphere. Until then, you think in the troposphere, you breathe out approximately 30,000 ppm of CO2 with every exhale, into the troposphere.

The top of your sunburned feet are in the troposphere. Indeed, it is the surface of the earth which provides some foundation for you to live in the troposphere.

Every action you take is done in the troposphere, including walking. When one foot steps off the ground, it is actually fully in the troposphere.

Every school kid ought to know that the troposphere begins at the surface of the earth, and extends between 6 and 10 km upwards. The air pressure in the troposphere directly above the surface of the Niagara Peninsula might be different than the air pressure of the troposphere directly measured at the shores of Lake Ontario at Toronto, but it is still the troposphere.

Unless you live under the surface of the earth (including its lakes, oceans and waterways), all of your life is indeed, spent in the troposphere.

Anyhow, it is sometimes the likes of David Appell, who show off their insane ideas quite well, while trying to smear and use ad hominem to others. Obviously, just because someone has a degree and has written for some well-known publications doesn’t mean their basic knowledge is sound.

David Appell is proof of that.

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