Busy Week

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It’s been a busy week for me, both personally and in my business. Saturday was Opening Day of the trout season here in Southern Ontario, and my son 12 year old son Colin came down for the weekend to fish with me. We didn’t do too well as far as the fishing goes but had a great day together anyhow. This is a picture of Colin sitting on a rock at Meaford Harbour, where we spent a few hours after trying some other places.

I’ve also been spending far too much time with a business issue – I don’t understand the negotiating style of some folks. I suppose if you are negotiating with a used car sales guy, it’s nice to keep some cards in your back pocket for that last moment to try to get something more, but when your developing a business relationship, I don’t see the point in doing things like that. All parties should just lay their cards on the table right from the start, state their position and get down to work. If you’re positions are close, great. Less work to do. If you’re far apart, then it’s fairly easy to see how much time it may take and whether that time is worth trying to hammer out a deal.

Time to move on from that one. Life’s too short, especially when you’ve got sons that like to go fishing with you.

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