Brian Peckford & Canada’s Freedom Convoy

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Two separate but related things going on today – both of which I’m very pleased to see. I fully support the Canadian “Truckers Freedom Convoy” which according to reports I’ve read, has picked up thousands of supporters along the way. They are heading to Ottawa from points east and west, sea to sea. I understand even truckers from Alaska and other parts of the US are heading to join this massive convoy, with some reports indicating it’s already 400 km long.

A big part of me wishes I could be there with them. What has happened in Canada over the past two years is an absolute disgusting carnage of rights and freedoms. The sad thing is that many Canadians don’t seem to care about rights, liberties, and freedoms that were hard fought for. On top of that, what is now called “science” is nothing but scientism where some appointed experts make claims and those who disagree or have questions are met with ad hominem, or have their words twisted – and the mainstream media in the country has a lot to answer for in assisting this.

When the present COVID pandemic was evolving in January of 2020, I had booked a flight to Greece with the intention of staying until May and returning to Canada with my Greek companion and my Boston Terrier, Beans. Before leaving Canada, I had an appointment with my family doctor in Orangeville and asked him his opinion on what the reports out of China regarding a mysterious virus. At that time, he laughed and said he did not know much about it, but was confident that it would not affect Canada much, or Orangeville hardly at all. He went on to say that we have “pandemic plans” in place, which he was very confident in, should whatever that was going on in China, reach the shores of Canada.

But Canada has not followed pandemic plans that have been in place, plans that have the intent of protecting those most at risk while intruding on liberties and freedoms as least as possible. This is perhaps one of the biggest shames.

Confident though after the discussion with my doctor, I flew to Greece – only to end up in more confusion with all the news going on and talk of travel restrictions. If I had returned to Canada when Bill Blair was tweeting to the effect that “all Canadians should come home,” it would have meant traveling through at least three different airports (there are no direct flights between Greece and Canada between the end of October and early May) during a pandemic scenario, and I would have to leave my dog behind as he can only accompany me on direct flights. Additionally, Air Transat was the only airline that would fly Beans – he’s a Boston Terrier and other airlines refuse to fly Boston Terriers and other brachycephalic dog breeds.

Worrying About Canadian Freedoms

Although I was stuck in Greece, my mind and heart kept reaching out to hear the news from back home in Canada. All this talk of “it’s just 15 days to flatten the curve….” and people seemingly willing to participate in this, without much serious thought or conversation concerned me. The local Orangeville newspaper learned that I was in Greece at the time and wanted to reach out to me and do a story about how I was dealing as a Canadian with the pandemic in Greece. After publishing it, and then linking to the article on Facebook, I was astounded by the negative reactions by many as I expressed my concerns about the erosion of rights and freedoms that were going on in Canada.

You know, it all started out as “it’s just 15 days….” That “just” word that politicians and others use can be a pretty tricky word, eh?

Fast Forward 2 Years
I’m still in Greece, partly stuck as I refuse to be vaccinated by an experimental vaccination (for those claiming it is not experimental, then you really have no clue what science “is.” Please start by pointing to me to the 5 and 10 year safety data in these vaccines. You can’t. Please point me to the data the tells me my own personal risks of re-developing pericarditis – I spent the better part of 4 years on bedrest and in a wheelchair with pericarditis and this is a known side-effect of at least one of the vaccines. Can you tell me what my risks are??

No, you cannot, and even doctors cannot because data is simply not available. The idea that catching COVID has a higher risk is laughable – that data we do have, and we know those that are high-risk are:

    Those over 70 AND with at least one other comorbidity.

  • The obese – this is the highest risk factor across ALL age groups.
  • Others with two or more comorbidities.

There appear to be other risk factors including low Vitamin D levels.

I am not presently in any of the above risk groups. But no one can tell me my risk of redeveloping pericarditis, which was a very serious disease for me, threatened my life, along with rheumatoid arthritis and Rayneaud’s Disease.

But this is not the only reason I am not supportive of vaccination mandates, restrictions on travel, etc. There are other reasons, but perhaps some who are hard-nosed in their opinion about infringing on liberty and freedom will at least have some second ideas realizing my own personal medical history and vaccine hesitancy. I’ll be clear: I am in no way an “anti-vaxxer” and referring to me as such is a falsehood. I’ve had many vaccinations, and when my son David was born, it was me that made sure he had all his recommended doctor appointments and vaccinations.

COVID has caused people to go off the rails in regard to principles of freedoms and rights, and often introduce strawman arguments. Additionally, what they often claim as “science” is not science whatsoever.

Brian Peckford Is Suing The Canadian Government

Is a pandemic in which the survival rate is about 99%, and we know who is most at risk, an “unusual circumstance” in Canada to allow rights and freedoms to be infringed upon?

It seems Brian Peckford, the former Premier of Newfoundland and the last living member of the people who framed Canada’s constitution and rights and freedoms sure does not believe so. Mr. Peckford seems to be very disturbed by what is going on in Canada and what the present federal government is doing – I encourage you to watch this discussion with Mr. Peckford:

Mr. Peckford has intimate knowledge of what “unusual circumstances” as thought of by the original framers – and in his opinion, it does not mean a pandemic, but instead, a situation where the entire country is at peril. Furthermore, there are 4 tests that have to be met/carried out that have not been. I encourage you to watch the full discussion in the video above.

So, at this time, from Greece, my strong support goes out to both the Trucker’s Convoy who are expressing their disgust through acts of protest, and to Mr. Peckford who is expressing his legal concerns through the courts.

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