Apologies To Toronto Blogfesters

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I didn’t make it tonight. Which is very unfortunate, especially considering that Bob Tarantino and I were kind of organizing the thing. A whole bunch of things came up including some interesting things with my landlord. These “interesting” things have included an original proposal from him to raise my office rent 50% (not going to happen) and then he decided to come back with a 25% increase (still not going to happen).

I have therefore spent the last few days looking at other stuff available (some is quite nice), and putting things in motion that I need to put in motion if I have to leave my present premises (which I am fully prepared to do). So, I spent most of today looking at some office space available for rent, talking with my fibre Internet backbone provider, crunching numbers, and in meetings with my business partner. Next thing I knew, it was 8PM, and then I realized I still hadn’t paid for renewing my licence plate, which was due on October 8th (I don’t drive much).

It was too late to get to our local licencing office, and I really didn’t want to risk a ticket for whatever the amount is for failing to drive with expired licence plates.

Sorry guys and gals. Hopefully when Damian Penny comes out in January or February, I’ll make it for that one. Maybe if I can convince the Ottawa bloggers to do something in the middle of the week in two weeks, when I’ll be in town, that would be cool too. Then at least I’d get to meet Jay Jardine before he heads to Canada’s rainiest province.

Hope you all had a great time!

3 thoughts on “Apologies To Toronto Blogfesters”

  1. I’ve been driving my car to work everyday with 02 stickers on it – and my van with 03 stickers. Not really on purpose – I just kind of forgot about renewing them initially. I was planning on getting new ones this year.

    I guess I’ve saved $225 so far.

  2. Yeah – though I get nervous when a cop is behind me or I drive by a station.

    But seriously – what is the purpose of the renewal sticker? It’s such a hassle – and expensive.

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