Apache Rewrite Rule Generator

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Unless you are into web development, you probably won’t be interested in this post – but I’m writing it mainly for myself, so I can find this awesome tool quickly, the next time I need it.

When you create a new website for someone, it’s likely the new URL’s of the site will be different than the old site. In those cases, it is very important that you create 301 redirects for the old URLs (at least the really important ones) to the new URL’s. Usually, this is pretty straightforward to do but sometimes, especially when an old URL contained query strings, it can get a bit complicated.

When that happens, you should use this tool. Depending on the Apache configuration and some other things, you may still have to make some slight adjustments to what this tool generates, but that’s still a lot quicker than trying to remember everything.

Mod Rewrite or htaccess 301 Rule Generator from Visio Spark.

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