Another Confirmation For Elizabeth Scott

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The other day, I wrote about Elizabeth Scott and some of the confusions I had when I came across her, including the fact her surname Scott was the same surname as the man she married, James Scott.

There was some confusion also generated by my father’s family history notes, which indicated that John Scott b. 1848 in Dysart had a different ancestry than what I discovered in the records and that supposedly included a Mary Anne Laurence.

I think we can finally and fully put the nail into the coffin about any theory of John Scott, b. 1848 in Dysart having a mother named Mary Ann Laurence, and any doubts about his parents being James Scott and Elizabeth Cunningham Scott.

1901 Dundee Census Provides Bonny Information

You might note that when I saw the death registration of Elizabeth Scott (see near the bottom of the article), there was some confusion and some doubt that she was the Elizabeth Scott we were trying to follow the life of. Her father’s name had been listed as “John.” The informant to her death was her son, John of 125 Bonnybank Road. I had noted that I had not seen that address before for the son John Scott, but other than the father’s name of the deceased, other details matched.

Today it struck me (why it didn’t the other day I don’t know) that we have access to the 1901 Scotland census to also find John Scott. Let’s see if we can locate him and match up the address on Elizabeth’s death registration. We can!

1901 census bonnybank dundee john scott

This is our John Scott, living with his spouse, Jane (Greig) and three daughters, Annie, Elizabeth, and Sarah. At 25 Bonnybank Road, Dundee. This is the same address listed for John Scott, the son registering the death on the death registration we’ve seen.

There should be no further doubt that John’s parents were James Scott and Elizabeth Scott (Maiden Name Scott). There should be no further doubts about the addresses and life of Elizabeth Scott, including her birth, marriage, children, and passing. I can only suggest that for some reason, perhaps confusion, on the part of the Registrar’s office, or John’s mind when his mother passed away, that a John Scott was listed as his mother’s father.

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