An Unanswerable Question?

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I don’t have much time to post on my blog as I have a ton of work to do along with spending the last days of life with a friend of mine who is dying of cancer. I do plan on continuing my recent theme of “Let The Bible (And Saints, Popes, And Preachers) Speak” shortly.

However, with this them in mind, I posted a comment on The Western Standard’s blog, The Shotgun on a post written by Anonalogue entitled “Fresh Pope!

My first comment, which was deleted was simply, “How the hell does a Pope know about eros?”

Upon noticing that my comment was deleted, I posted a follow-up:

“Hmmm.. looks like my first comment disappeared. I’ll ask again.

How does the Pope know anything about eros?

If this is somehow a “deletable” comment, would the admin who deletes it
please let me know why this question is “deletable?” Theologians here should
be able to help me out with the answer, I’m sure. I seriously do not
understand how a Pope knows about eros.”

Guess what? That comment was deleted without explanation as well. To me, it’s a serious question. How does a Pope know about eros, which in fact is an “experience?” Popes, by the very fact they were once Priests, and not allowed to marry, how indeed would a Pope know about eros?

Of course, the next question is, why in the world would someone at The Shotgun not allow discussion on this and simply delete the comments? Has The Western Standard or it’s blog become a defender of the Roman Catholic faith, (yet by deletion of this comment, not really wanting to defend what perhaps is an undefencible question)?

Update: I emailed Mr. Ezra Levant regarding this, and his response was ” Were your comments on our blog deleted? They shouldn’t be.”

With that in mind, I am trying for the third time to post my comment. We’ll see if it gets deleted again.

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