A Moment Of Silence

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Pierre Berton is dead.

Didn’t enjoy all of his books, but really enjoyed some of them. Hard to believe he was 84. I wonder if I will make it to 84. I hate it when people die. I guess if we didn’t die, we’d over populate the earth and make things miserable for our loved ones – our children.

R.I.P. Pierre.

I didn’t always agree with Pierre, but I think that more than anyone, Pierre tried to figure out what it meant to be a “Canadian.” His books always were about something to do with this part of the earth called Canada, and the country’s history. I’m still not sure what it is to be a “Canadian.” I’m not sure what book of Pierre’s was my favorite. Perhaps “The Last Spike.”

I’m sad to hear of his passing. He didn’t seem to be 84 to me.

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