A Bit Impressed

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Even though the Leafs have lost two out of three, I have to admit I’m actually impressed at what they’ve shown. I think the two games they lost to Ottawa, the Sens surely didn’t dominate at all. The second game, which I saw more of, I think the Leafs really outmuscled and outplayed Ottawa. And of course, the first game came down to overtime.

I think this Tusk guy – what’s his name – Vesa Toskala (you could have so much fun with that name – how bout ‘credit card’ guy? Or “Ivory,” short for Tusk?) is going to be a lot of fun to watch, and Raycroft must be getting worried about the #1 spot.

Watching Toskala reminds me of Felix Potvin. Not exactly the same in the way Potvin flopped around – but watching him play at times, makes me nervous and I’m not sure what exactly it is. He seems to often have a lot of open net behind him – yet he’s made some incredible amazing saves over the past two games.

I know that there are some going on about Tucker seeming to be “non show” in the first two games, but I have to agree with Don Cherry. Twelve minutes of ice time?

One major concern: Where’s the power play? I’m mostly impressed with the penalty killing – but that power play? I think Maurice made a great decision in taking Blake off the Sundin line and finally reuniting what last year seemed to have a lot of spark – counted for three goals tonight?

It’s only three games into the season and I’m sure not going to be making any predictions about play-offs in May. But, the Leafs could have 4, maybe even 6 points at this point, instead of the 2 they presently have.

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