To My Son David Hugh Scott

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It could use some work – this was written in about ten minutes after a wonderful couple of days with my son… I’ll come back to it, fix up some metre and other issues… but for now, it’s some thoughts I have for my almost ten year old son, David Hugh Scott:

To My Son David Hugh Scott

I’ll ne’er be able to tell you
Just how special you are to me
How your soul sparkles through
Your wonderful eyes of blue.

I’ll ne’er be able to tell you
How fully I am so happy and proud
Of all that you put your mind to
And the joy you bring, through and through.

Just tonight you sat upon my knee
And we talked and laughed ourselves silly
as your smile and eyes gleamed glee
My wee man, my son, so joyfully.

The specialness that you’ve brought
into this world for so many
you’ll never know the depths it has wrought
and how blessed we are, you’re not just a thought.

You’re growing up, and each day I’d admire
The wee man you are and yet still becoming
My love for you is deep and so much I desire
You’ll live a life long and others inspire.

The meaning of my words in writing don’t come through
Just how wonderful you are to me.
How blessed I am; it is deeply true
My son David, and how much I adore and love you.

Written July 12, 2012 By Ian Scott at Orangeville, ON, Canada

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