Soul Mate

I wrote this back in about 1997? –

I watched a Robin the other day
Making a nest it was the first of May
I listened to its song, its chirp did raise
My spirit from the winters grave.

I watched the sun set in the west
I knew it would soon be time to rest
The ruddy colours in the sky
There is beauty when the day doth die

I saw the daffodils so yellow in bloom
In a garden its keeper so carefully did groom
Its life from seed that has sat in soil
To become in Spring the Flower Royal

I spoke to the rushing river yestrday morn
And spoke in happy tongue, yet forlorn
I spoke of life all anew and love that is found
Fate knows the river to its banks are bound.

I heard the cry of coyotes, wondering
At what there howl was offering
Perhaps a wail for some missing kin
Or joyful yelp for new love found ag’in.

I smelled the spring time atmosphere
While walking through the forest near
My heart was happy, yet heavy still
And so I sat upon the yonder hill.

As I sat upon the rocky crest
I became aware of the beating in my breast
I felt my shoulders, they were bare
Pleading for fingers of one so fair.

I dwelled upon all I had seen and heard
I looked to the West for some sign or word
Of when my soul would feel complete
Fate, I know, me it will not cheat.

My heart cried like the coyote call
Her kiss wrapped round like winter shawl
Is what I want, is what I need
My soulmate is for all I plead.

My soulmate to talk to the river
With me, parting from me never
My completion, my rose like Seal’s
In front of her I need to kneel.

To dance together like Northern Lights
Creating our own colored love rites
To know, to feel, to love and admire,
Oh Fate, come, come lift me higher!

4 thoughts on “Soul Mate”

    1. Absolutely sure I wrote it, Moira. Thank you for your comment, but I did write it, while living in Waldemar, Ontario – almost right beside the Grand River.

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