Soul Mate

I wrote this back in about 1997? –

I watched a Robin the other day
Making a nest it was the first of May
I listened to its song, its chirp did raise
My spirit from the winters grave.

I watched the sun set in the west
I knew it would soon be time to rest
The ruddy colours in the sky
There is beauty when the day doth die

I saw the daffodils so yellow in bloom
In a garden its keeper so carefully did groom
Its life from seed that has sat in soil
To become in Spring the Flower Royal

I spoke to the rushing river yestrday morn
And spoke in happy tongue, yet forlorn
I spoke of life all anew and love that is found
Fate knows the river to its banks are bound.

I heard the cry of coyotes, wondering
At what there howl was offering
Perhaps a wail for some missing kin
Or joyful yelp for new love found ag’in.

I smelled the spring time atmosphere
While walking through the forest near
My heart was happy, yet heavy still
And so I sat upon the yonder hill.

As I sat upon the rocky crest
I became aware of the beating in my breast
I felt my shoulders, they were bare
Pleading for fingers of one so fair.

I dwelled upon all I had seen and heard
I looked to the West for some sign or word
Of when my soul would feel complete
Fate, I know, me it will not cheat.

My heart cried like the coyote call
Her kiss wrapped round like winter shawl
Is what I want, is what I need
My soulmate is for all I plead.

My soulmate to talk to the river
With me, parting from me never
My completion, my rose like Seal’s
In front of her I need to kneel.

To dance together like Northern Lights
Creating our own colored love rites
To know, to feel, to love and admire,
Oh Fate, come, come lift me higher!

9 thoughts on “Soul Mate”

    1. Absolutely sure I wrote it, Moira. Thank you for your comment, but I did write it, while living in Waldemar, Ontario – almost right beside the Grand River.

    1. Absolutely, but of course!

      Although, it was odd that after many years, you appeared to search for me/my blog on, use a fake name and question the authorship of a poem I wrote.

      When I replied, (unknown to me at the time that it was you), you returned, using your real name including the “very sad heart……” sentence.

      Not sure why you would have done any of that in the first place?

    2. Oh what fun! Hello Aileen Dooley – I’m an old friend of Ian, and I know you as well ……………… *wink wink*

      It is weird that you searched him and wrote that you didn’t believe him with a fake name about the poem he wrote, and then use your real name to say you have a sad heart dot dot dot dot.

      1. Hey John.. let’s drop it… no last names..

        This whole thing sucks.. yes… it’s my poem… never for the life of me thought Aileen would question it… never even had in my mind..

        Am about ready to delete all the comments here.

        Too much old stuff… going on here.

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