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Ian Scott
The Ian Scott Group/KirIan
26 First Avenue
Orangeville, ON L9W 1H8
(519) 940-3504
ian @ ianscottgroup dot com

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  1. Stumbled on your blog while I was researching who this ‘Maria Wilson’ person was that sent me the same scam email as you – cheers for your blog! I knew it was some kind of scam when she emailed me! Hence why I googled her then stumbled on your blog. I just thought I’d let you know this ‘Maria Wilson’ person also has a fake twitter account I found with a photo that looks suspiciously like Anna Kournikova (the tennis player)… Thought you’d like to add it as an update to your blog!!/Marias088

  2. Hey Ian great blog and useful insight into penguin! I got blasted by the horrible critter! The only way google will ever see that they have made a mistake is if we vote with our mouse and leave for Bing.

    1. Thank you, Tobias. Hey.. you’re not the only one to get blasted – and if you have not been completely deindexed, there’s still hope that you can get back some of your rankings. I’ll have more on this shortly in another post.

      Another search engine to consider is duckduckgo ( – I’m finding very good and relevant results there. Sadly, the majority of people are going to continue to use Google for now, so we still need to find ways to adapt and figure things out! Good luck with your site!

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