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Sometimes I come across extraordinary people and I think it’s worthwhile to let others know. They can be extraordinary for a number of reasons including life experiences, accomplishments, being interesting, and having special knowledge and skills. Ali Nasr of Orangeville ON fits into all of those.

Talking about feet can be a smelly topic of course, and I’m not sure why a person would ever have a desire to treat feet, but I’m glad such people exist. As I briefly discussed when I first purchased the Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boots, my feet can be hard to purchase footwear for. When in Greece, it’s extremely difficult as most shoe and footwear shops have limited selection in my size – and often, my feet just don’t fit anything correctly. Sometimes I need a size 13, other times a 12 will do, and then there are times when it seems 11 is the best fit. I think it has to do with me length to width ratio which seems hard to fit comfortably.

My feet have also spent a lot of time over the years in “police boots” which probably also have contributed to feet issues. I’m not going to get into a personal discussion of all my feet issues here, but suffice to say, I do experience a lot of pain and discomfort at times although much less when wearing a sturdy hiking boot like the Merrell Moabs that I recently discovered.

So it was great to be introduced to Ali Nasr who operates the Orangeville Foot Clinic in Orangeville recently. Ali is a really interesting person who has practiced as a medical doctor in Iran (although he is unable to practice as such here in Canada due to regulatory issues). But not only has he practiced in Iran, he’s also studied in Sweden where he earned a Master’s Degree in Molecular Genetics (go check that one out).

After Sweden, he came to Canada where he worked as a research assistant at McGill University in Montreal. During his time there, he realized he missed the patient interaction that he had enjoyed as a medical practitioner, but becoming qualified in Canada even though he has qualifications elsewhere, could be a long and expensive process. During that time, he learned that there was a great need for practitioners who specialized in foot problems and diseases, and so he decided to enroll in the Chiropody Program at The Michener Institute in Toronto.

Upon completing the program, he began working as a chiropodist treating patients in the inner city areas of Toronto including Regent Park and beyond, to eventually purchasing the Orangeville Foot Clinic from its founder who wanted to retire.

Such a long way from Iran!

Ali has many credentials under his belt – and in addition to the already mentioned, he has the Soft Tissue Surgery and Injection certification earned from the University of Guelph – so he has the skills to examine, diagnose and treat just about every foot ailment in a knowledgeable and skillful manner. He is very well liked by his patients (I checked out his reviews on his GMB listing) and he is also one of the very few chiropody/foot clinics in Ontario to be certified to use the SWIFT treatment for foot warts – a cutting edge treatment involving the use of microwave technology.

Ali mentioned to me that during the recent pandemic lockdown in Ontario, he was able to continue treating emergency patients at his Orangeville based clinic as he had invested in the needed PPE clothing and devices. He’s looking forward to getting back to his normal working hours and treating all of his patients (who still need to be pre-screened and some restrictions that have been put in place by the Chiropodists College Of Ontario).

I’m really happy to have made the acquaintance of Ali – and in our discussion, he’s sure he can help me overcome a few issues that will allow me to get back into regular jogging that I used to do when I was younger. But regardless, I thought his story was a fascinating one – and highly recommend him to anyone in the Orangeville area that might have some issues with their feet that need to be looked at and treated.

Orangeville Foot Clinic
U12-15 Elizabeth St.
Orangeville, ON
(519) 942-4705

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2 thoughts on “Ali Nasr – Orangeville Foot Care”

  1. Wearing heavy boots for years did a number on my feet and I neglected them. Hope if you have any serious issues, this Orangeville Foot Clinic will be able to help you out.

    Of course if if it just your smelly feet you are worried about then there is Gold Bond foot powder. Works like a charm 🙂

    1. Haha.. nope, not stinky feet issues, and nothing serious. But thanks for the concern about my feet, John!

      Here’s to us heavy boot wearers 🙂

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