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Restaurants Near Lavrio

You have some fantastic dining options when you are in Lavrio, a community that has roots going back 3200 years! Today, this town, while having a population of only about 10,000 or less, is an important port and you could find several international sea-faring ships anchored here on any given day. It also is an important port for several Greek ferry lines operating between the port and various islands.

There is a lot more to Lavrio than the port however, and in the summer months, you'll find the town centre very busy throughout the day and into the evening with many enjoying the breezes from the sea, and the various dining establishments providing many options for where to eat or enjoy a drink - whether its a coffee or a relaxing glass of wine or Greek spirit.

For now, we'll start with some of the places we've actually visited and see how this section expands and perhaps reorganized at a later date.

The above photo was taken by Ian H. Scott in October 2022, on a return trip from the Island of Kea to Lavrio.

Steakhouse “Christos”
Leof. Sounion 6
Lavrio, Attica, 195 00
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The Port - ΤΟ ΛΙΜΑΝΙ
Kountourioti 8
Lavrio, Attica, 195 00
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