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Scott Family Stories

Wedding photo james scott and helen dobbie
Wedding of James Scott & Helen Dobbie (Centre Couple). Elderly man sitting on left: Father, John Scott. Lady sitting beside John Scott: Janet Dobbie (nee Cleland. Sitting on the right: Robert Dobbie and Jane Scott (nee Greig). 4th person from the right, standing: John Scott (brother of the Groom).

Amo Probus – Why Not Just Amo?

By Ian Scott | June 10, 2021

For various reasons, when my father passed away in 2001, there was no headstone placed at his grave in the Woodlawn Cemetery (Woodlawn Memorial Park) after he was buried. Interestingly, the cemetery is located almost adjacent to “Bailey Park” in Guelph – the name of his maternal mother’s family. After our mom passed, my sister […]

John Scott (1895 – 1895)

By Ian Scott | June 8, 2021

There are no photos that I’m aware, of the life of wee John Scott. Perhaps there is an as yet unidentified baby photo in the collection of old family photos. I was not aware that my grandfather Hugh Scott had an older brother. It was only some years ago, when I discovered the 1911 census […]

Sarah Millicent McDowell Scott Port (1905 – 1990)

By Ian Scott | June 8, 2021

Introduction – “Aunt Millicent” To begin with, I don’t know much about Aunt Millicent; perhaps others in the family that may have known her better can contribute their memories (with due credit given, of course!). I recall having her visit Canada with her brother Hugh McDowell Scott in the late 1960’s, seeing her in 1970 […]

John Scott At 83 Hanover Street, Belfast

By Ian Scott | June 6, 2021

When I first saw this scanned photo (although I saw it before, perhaps 30 years ago), it was right after some scanned photos of my grandfather Hugh Scott in America. So my brain was focused on that, and seeing the “Sunlight” promotional words and the fact the store window just seemed so… about marketing, I […]

Is This A Photo Of John McDowell/Jane Finlay McDowell? Their House?

By Ian Scott | June 6, 2021

With big thanks to my cousin Elinor Clements, I think it is possible to entertain an idea that we may have a photo of John McDowell and his wife Jane Finlay McDowell, or perhaps if not both of them, one of their residences in Canton, Ohio. I also realize I could be very wrong. But […]

The Correct Way To Pronounce McDowell

By Ian Scott | June 3, 2021

(A word of thanks to “GenealogyMum” who passed on the census document to me that motivated this post). If you’re from Northern Ireland, you probably already know how the surname “McDowell” is pronounced among Northern Irish people where the name is not uncommon. However, if you’re Canadian or American, it’s a possibility you are pronouncing […]

James Campbell Keenan (Abt 1840 – 1878)

By Ian Scott | June 3, 2021

Basic Facts About (James) Campbell Keenan Born about 1840, possibly Belfast Occupations: “Driver,” Royal Regiment Of Artillery, Policeman, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Spouse: Mary Mason Children: 3 Mentioned, One Located Registration: Thomas Benjamin Keenan (b. 17 MAY 1877) Last Known Residence: Peter Street, Hamilton Death: 27 JUNE 1878, Pneumonia Parents: Probably brother of Mary Keenan, who […]

Scotts And McDowells: Observations & Questions

By Ian Scott | May 30, 2021

For many years, I have had a strong interest in the McDowell family that my Great-Grandfather John Scott married into. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to know more about them, and whatever became of them as it seemed it was unknown to my father. Yet, after doing some research and learning […]

Jane Finlay McDowell (Abt 1880 – )

By Ian Scott | May 30, 2021

Quick Facts About Jane Finlay: Born about 1880 (immigration to US records record her age only, 30 years – 29 Aug 1910. Marriage registration does not record an actual age, only listed “Full” – as in adult age to be married). Married: John George McDowell (21 July 1909) Children: Unknown Immigration To USA: Departed Londonderry, […]

Alexander Greig – Master’s Certificate Of Service Record

By Ian Scott | May 25, 2021

For many years, I’ve been fascinated with the life of our ancestor, Alexander Greig. The fascination began as a young boy when my father showed me a photo of Alexander – one of those old photos that had been etched on to a metal plate referred to as a “tintype,” when photography was a fairly […]

Back in 2006, I began to fulfill a wish I had for a very long time; to research the Scott Family history. This wish... or perhaps better described as a "hope" had begun many years previously as I'd listen to my father, and his own desire to confirm some of the stories and history that had been related to him.

In 2007, I had some time while I waited for a business partner at the time, to finish up some project that she promised would probably make us rich. That never happened and it turned out she was working on making herself rich. For me though, I did become rich in a way - rich in more of the family lore, solving some mysteries, and enjoying the detective work which still continues to this day.

My youngest son was 4 years old when I began in earnest and it was partly for him, for his older brothers, and for my own interest that I threw a lot of my heart and soul into learning more about our family, trying to locate relatives I had no idea about (I was successful in that regard), and to be able to pass on to my children the knowledge of the heritage that was theirs.

In 2007, I became very fascinated with one of our ancestors, a Captain Alexander Grieg. I think he could be the basis of new historical novels - but there are many that have their own stories. I think they should be told. I hope to tell as many of them as I can; perhaps some with my own ideas and imaginings of what life must have been like for them.

I'll add content to this section as I can - and likely randomly, while trying to focus on all the individuals - or as many as I can - that make up what our Scotts have become in the 21st century.

It is not just about Scotts though. There are Baileys, Moores, McDowells, Stephens, Griegs of course, Swans, Moores, McCleerys, Woudstras, and many more.

Of course, my sister and my brother's children will have their own additions of names to this list. I mean no disrespect for not including them - but perhaps they can add their own stories with this resource to build their own lines of heritage as well.

Most of my focus will be on the paternal/maternal line of the Scott Family through my father John Alexander Scott (1935-2001) but I will add information and stories of others as I become aware of them, or as motivated to write.

I am indebted to Richard Telford-Baillie who has graciously provided much information on the Bailey/Moore side of my dad's family, and to my Aunt Grace and Uncle Murray Stephen who did extensive research on my maternal family tree, the Stephens/Mathiesons et al.

One of the really "cool" things is that I also have had access to old photos - how many can say they have a photo that includes their great X3 grandfather? Also, a Family Bible that has been passed down from my great X2 grandfather to me - not as an owner, but rather as a caretaker of information and family heritage.

It fascinates me to think of my Great X2 Grandfather and the fact that he began a record of births and deaths in a Family Bible. This Family Bible may have been a gift from his father - and so the fact it has gone through now 5, and possibly 6 generations if it was his father's gift, is something that fills me with some awe and wonder.

I wonder what those grandfathers had hoped for, by keeping a record that they could pass on to the next generation - did they have any thoughts that almost 200 years later, it would still exist and some would be thankful for it? Did they themselves want a record of their own life and existence for their descendants?

I like to think that they must have wanted that; why else to begin such a record? Perhaps they had their own records as well, that no longer exist.  We don't know. We do know we have what we have, and it was started in the 19th century - there is something amazing about seeing your ancestors writing in ink on paper with records of births, marriages and deaths.

In 2007, I wrote some very general posts included in this list below, and now I will focus on more specific information along with the documentation  I have found to support the my claims that they are family ancestors. In some cases, I am not totally sure, and will explain why, when I write about the individuals.

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