Onward And Upward

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Well, this has been an interesting week, hasn’t it? A phone call from some anonymous blogger calling himself Anonalogue to my business partner, making slanderous allegations.

Don’t you just love it when some folks hide behind their anonymity to play their little games? Actually, it wasn’t really a “game” to my business partner as there was also a threat to call my clients with the same baseless allegations.

Because he is anonymous, not much I can really do, other then firewall him off my sites. But an interesting thing about life. When you do crap like this, one day, it will come back to haunt you. Perhaps in six years, or even six months, on a trip to Ottawa, I’ll have a chance conversation with someone that will provide more clues.

But we’ll give credit where credit is due: After Wendy sent the email to Anonalogue, he did remove most of the insane content that was on his site.

So today I picked up my minvan. Never thought I’d own a minivan. I’m more of a Cadillac or sports car guy (yup, one extreme to the other). Well, I have owned station wagons that are great for fly fishing trips. The thought has crossed my mind to sometime consider a minivan – and when was offered to me for nothing other then the costs to safety it, I jumped at the opportunity even though the vehicle is 11 years old. As mentioned before, when my friend Don passed away last month, his widow had this extra vehicle and she offered it to me.

It DOES have a lot of miles on it – over 300,000 KM! My old Caddy has almost 300,000 on it as well. But I like old cars. Never bought a brand new one. The minivan, a Chev Lumina is in great shape. Clean inside, no rust on the body. Don took good care of it. The engine runs well and passed the emissions test handily. The one thing about it is that it’s a 6 cylinder. I don’t mind 6 cylinder engines in medium size cars, but in a van?

My big, old 1988 mafia black DeVille has way more get up and go then the Lumina van does. But the van will be much better for trips with the fly rod, especially when I’m driving around from spot to spot. My son David might like the built in child seats in the Van better then the other child car seat that I bought when he was born.

I was supposed to fly to Thunder Bay this weekend, but when the issue of Anonalogue calling my place of business/residence and making his allegations, I cancelled the trip as after that phone call, I have to admit I was wondering what else he might be capable of. So, I’m not in Thunder Bay. I guess I’ll have the weekend to figure out how to remove the rear row of seats from the van, take David for a drive to the club and help out with the fish hatchery.

Onward and upward, as “they” say.

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