Music – And Value

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I was just reading an email from an acquaintance – an acquaintance who LOVES Rush. I like Rush too.

i especially like and enjoy many of Rush’s lyrics, written by Neal Peart. Or is it Niel Peart – spelling is not my forte.

But as much as I love the libertarian lyrics penned by Peart, I love The Who.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey.

Some laugh at me for the fact I spent over 250 bucks on tickets to see The Who, and one of the ticket holders was my three year old son. Yet, today, that wee son sometimes grins, and sings to me, “Who are you… who who.. who who..” and tells me how much he enjoyed seeing The Who himself.

Then there is my 19 year old – that stood up and couldn’t restrain himself during Baba O’Reilly.

I love Pete Townshend lyrics, and I love Roger Daltry belting them out.

I also love Pachelbel.

There are a few songs written by Pete Townshend, and sung by Daltrey that I predict will last – to the degree that in a few hundred years from now, or a few generations, people willl still be singing – just like today, some of us continue to whistle or listen to The Kanon by Pachelbel.

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  1. I really appreciate what you’re saying here. I am a major Rushhead, but there are other bands I deeply enjoy. And other styles of music, too. For me, now, trying to compare bands, even those in the same genre, goes beyond the trite (but often true) “apples and oranges” phrase. At the risk of getting too metaphorical here, one person’s apples (i.e., daily workhorses) are another’s pineapples (exotics that are enjoyed less frequently). Doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re enjoyed less—just enjoyed differently. And for me, sometimes apples become pineapples, or vice versa. That’s certainly happened with The Who … they were played so frequently on the radio stations I listened to that I tired of them. But now, after years away from radio, I delight in hearing their songs—especially since our sound system allows me to hear subtleties FM radio never could.

    Value is subjective … and can change over time. Who’da thunk it? 

    (For the record, it’s “Neil”.)

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