Justice And The State

You know, one of the “arguments” used by statist supporters is that we “need a Government to provide a Justice System.”


You can blow that argument to hell if some City of Toronto politicians and Mel Lastman have their way:

“On the top of that list is staff overtime, particularly police waiting to testify in court.

“Cops should not have to go to court. That is a fortune in overtime,” he said.

Toronto should use a system used in other jurisdictions where police representatives testify in court instead of the officers, he said.”

~ The Toronto Star

A cornerstone of Western Justice is the ability of an accussed to face their accuser and cross-examine their evidence. This holds true for any charge or accusation, including parking tickets, speeding tickets, or the charge of murder.

How can one cross-examine a “representative” who is not a witness to the charge?

Governments have gotten themselves into such a mess that one of the things being considered is that which diminishes the Justice system.

Please. Don’t use that argument again, when the very politicians you’ve elected are considering infringing upon your right to cross-examine your accuser. Just so they can take your money and give it to something else they think is more important than justice.

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