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I’m still quite sad about my friend passing away a couple of weeks ago, but while helping out with the details of his passing, I have inherited some cool stuff.

First, a van – as much as I’ve been in this van a dozen times, I can’t recall the make or model.  It’s one of those vans that has a funny “nose” on it, that when you are driving, you have much more space between the front and the vehicle ahead then you think.  It’s an older model, but in excellent condition and needs only about a thousand dollars worth of work to certify.

This will come in handy as the old Caprice wagon I purchased a few years ago is garbage now.  I’ve been thinking of another vehicle that I could load my fly fishing rods into while travelling about and have been thinking of a van.   Hopefully in the next week or so, it will all be fixed up.

The next thing is a Tektronix Phaser 560 Colour Laser printer.  Always wanted a colour laser, even though the print cartridges are damned expensive.   I’m looking forward to setting this up soon, too!

Something that is really cool:

A Harris FM Stereo 80 console.

Here’s why it’s so cool:  My friend Don, years ago was a radio broadcaster and also managed a radio station in New York City.  The radio console that was in use at his radio station was a Harris Stereo 80 Console.  Some years ago, he found a Harris console on E-Bay and decided to purchase it.  It was delivered with the manual.

Lo and behold, as Don was going through the manual, he recognized his own hand written notes!  What in fact he had purchased was the very same console he had used years and years ago while broadcasting in New York City.  I don’t think I’ll forget the day that piece of equipment was delievered; Don came down to my office, all excited as he told about winning the Ebay auction for this FM Radio console, finding the original manual, and seeing his own hand written notes on the schematic diagrams and in a few other places.

What the hell am I going to do with a 150 lb. Harris FM Stereo 80 console?  I have no clue, but I’ll likely put it on display when I get some more room here.

I’ve also inherited another couple of interesting gadgets.  One is an FM radio transmitter.  Even after he retired, Don still loved radio, and had his own mini-station with just enough power that one could tune in to his home radio station within about a five or so mile radius.   I once mentioned to Don that I’d love to have my own radio station.  When I figure this thing out, and you’re in the Orangeville neighbourhood, perhaps you’ll tune in to my radio station.

Don also turned old LP’s (anyone younger than 25 or 30 might not even know what an LP is) that were no longer available on CD into wav files using a few nifty gadgets and some software.  I’ve inherited the gadgets and required cards – I’ve got some Irish Rover LP’s that are no longer available, and I’d like to get them onto a CD sometime.

If I have time to play around this week, I’ll be spending some time with this stuff, as well as going through some of the other nifty items I’ve not even mentioned yet.

I probably need some sleep though.

9 thoughts on “Inheriting Cool Stuff”

  1. Slightly off topic, but have you ever figured a quick, easy way to get LPs on CD? I have dozens of albums from the old Gael-Linn label (including some RTE recordings of master Uillean) pipers that I hate to ditch, but I hate to play on my crappy old turntable.

    1. Well, I’m not sure about quick and easy, but I do know that the equipment Don had, included a turntable (of course), and a couple of other gadgets in between the turntable and a computer.

      There is also some software that helps to take the extra noise from the LP out. Then the music is burned to CD.

      When I get it all figured out, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. Wow, sounds like some very interesting stuff. I love radio, have my own wee scanner out here in the boonies, great when your sitting around with no power for awhile. So, when you get that radio station tuned up an running let me know i’ll for sure dial it in 🙂 Sleep, LOL…what’s that :p

    1. Stockgirl:

      Not sure if this transmitter would transmit that far – even though you’re not “all that far,” heh. Maybe I’ll try and have a call in show or something. Maybe along the lines of… “Share your fantasies with Orangeville!” lol

  3. Ian: So you’re about to become a pirate, hm? That story about Don buying his old broadcasting console is pretty awesome! Must have been a reason for it — keep in mind that there are no coincidences…

    Balb…If we were more proximitous (if that wasn’t a word, it is now), you could use my turntable — Uillean pipers? *whimper* Why am I always half the country away from the good stuff?

  4. Paddy Keenan, Liam Og O’Flynn, some very early Paddy Maloney, Leo Rowsome, and more…just sitting there on vinyl, quietly flaking away…

    1. Hey Mr. Balbulican – you still around these days? 🙂

      Rebuilding my old blog and comments as I can – and noticed your question above, from way back…. about copying music LP to CD…. ever figure out how to do that?

      Some years ago, I managed to locate USB LP player which made it pretty simple to do.

  5. Chimera:

    I think I’ve been a pirate in some way or other all my life. I can claim to having some pirate blood in me, believe it or not. Some bad rascal ancestors… how they became sailors being from Co. Monaghan, I’m not sure.

    The radio console doesn’t have all the parts required in order to turn it into a full fledged broadcasting console, for now it will have to do, just being an interesting display unit.

    Broadcasting today doesn’t require such a large piece anymore. I would however, love to have my own radio station, pirate or otherwise

  6. Balb:

    I’d be interested in those as well!

    Specifically, I have access to an old Irish Rovers’ LP, entitled “Emmigrate, Emmigrate” which was never released on CD. I’d love to have that on CD though.

    If I get this up and working, I’ll meet with you in Ottawa (or if you’re in Toronto, somewhere near here), and see if we can help you out.

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