Disgusting, Disgusting

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Maybe Mr. Tilson will get my help after all. I mean.. why not let others have the same chance to waddle up to the trough and spread the loot of tax payer money?

This article in the National Post has prompted me to write yet another letter to my MP, Murray Calder:

Dear Mr. Calder,

I am thoroughly disgusted. What in heaven’s name do you and your cohorts in Ottawa think about tax payers? I have written to you often in the past, and have pointed out that there appears to be a total disregard and lack of respect for tax payers among our politicians in this country.

Ah, but that disrespect for our money continues…

I read today in the National Post, an article that reports that MP’s have voted themselves another nice little perk that is unavailable to most hard working Canadians – you know – the ones that pay taxes in this country.

Your cohorts have increased your own personal medical benefits, for which tax payers must pay the premiums for. As thousands upon thousands of small business owners in this country go without any benefits whatsoever, and yet shoulder this nice little perk, MP’s have the gall and utter indecency to give themselves a little more.

It’s also quite interesting to note the speed in which this was carried out. Small business and taxpayers of this country have demanded changes to the GST, Gun Registration Laws, transparency in Government transactions and many many more areas for years and years. Yet little or nothing gets done.

But here, it only takes a wink of an eye to increase MP’s benefits. You people are so out of touch with reality, it is astounding.

You, Mr Calder, have promised your constituents that more would be done with regard to cutting back needless expenses to tax payers. When do you think this promise will ever be kept, Mr. Calder?

I’m looking forward to an election. I’m not sure that a new bunch will be any better, but we may as well spread the pork barrelling around, and give others a chance at the tax payer trough of endless money.

Please pass on my regards to Mr. Martin, and advise him that I for one, welcome the writ of election as soon as possible.


Ian Scott

1 thought on “Disgusting, Disgusting”

  1. Ian makes a valid point in this entry. While the fact that the MP’s would vote themselves another perk does not surprise me, I agree with Ian that the SPEED with which they accomplished their mission is astounding. Somewhat akin to the manner in which they acquired the two new jets that Chretien wanted, never mind that the money came out of the Armed Forces budget — a budget badly bent if not actually broken. It puts paid to the lies concerning the new helicopters that the Forces need so badly and the inadequate excuses that have been forthcoming in that regard for almost twenty years now. As the title of this entry indicates, Ian is disgusted. So am I. Kindred souls so to speak and, like Ian, I will be delighted when the public finally gets the chance to extract revenge in the next general election. “Thieving bastards” hardly begins to describe the Liberal Party of Canada as it exists today and I look forward to the time when this party (like the Tories before it) takes an enforced walk in the wilderness. One can only hope and pray that it is a very long one indeed. Great letter, Ian. Keep it up!

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