Brookstreet Hotel And Taking The High Road

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If anyone is planning a trip to Ottawa, and are looking for accomodations, I would highly recommend the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata.

My ex-wife, whom I’ve been separated from for 8 years, and I have been enjoying a wonderful renaissance in our relationship over the past 9 months or so. She lives in the Ottawa area, I live in Orangeville. Truly, this has developed totally unexpectedly for both of us – neither of us would have ever predicted that after 8 years of separation, we could find ways to become friends again. And in fact, better friends than we ever were during the period of time we were dating, or when married.

Both of us took the “high road” when our separation eventually occurred. Yeah, there were some issues, and some hard times to deal with… and both of us even ignored laywer advice in order to take that “high road” with each other. That was something I respected about my ex-wife, and I think she respected about me. We had three sons that we both loved, as well.. and through it all, even with the distance and long hours, our three sons have always known that they have two loving parents.

My own libertarian philosophy about responsibility saved me from becoming an embittered ex-husband. Deep down, my ex seems to have libertarian philosophies as well.. although she doesn’t quite know it 🙂

But I never would have expected what has happened. In spite of what everyone else says, and in spite of what a court says, or government legislation says, my ex and I have become really good friends.

Are we “reconciling?” Well no.. not in the traditional sense of the word anyhow. She’s no where near packing up and moving 5 or 6 hours west, and I’m nowhere near packing up and moving 5 or 6 hours east. And meeting in the middle is not an option either, for both of us.

But we’ve spent many hours, sipping wine on her back porch and talking. Talking without any expectations, originally. And we still have no expectations, really. And we’ve discovered some really neat things with that in mind. We’ve discovered we kinda like each other, even though we disagree with some stuff. We’ve discovered also that we both have insights to problems – insights we would never accept or acknowledge previously.

In the summer, we even went so far as to rent a cottage, where our three sons joined us for a week vacation. It was extremely nice.

Last weekend, I drove to Ottawa and met her at the Brookside Hotel, where we spent two nights and days together, in between visiting the fair in Metcalfe where our eldest son was competing in the “Battle Of The Bands.”

She’s done an awesome job with our sons as well. My 16 year old, as tough as he is, can still say, “I love you, Dad” when I talk to him on the phone. He won’t give me a hug as often as he would have ten years ago, but the handshake he gives me is good and strong.

And our other two kids are also just as awesome. All three of them know both of their parents love and admire them.

This past weekend, my ex and I spent a couple of nights at the Brookstreet Hotel. In my travels, I have visited and stayed at a number of hotels.. but the service that we received from Brookstreet was the best. Extremely comfortable rooms, good prices, and of course, an awesome band Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo – which we didn’t get to hear enough of.

The staff were awesome, the room was wonderful, the swimming pool and hot tub was really nice, and although I didn’t use it, they have a well stocked fitness centre as well, with tons of really good equipment.

And my ex-wife and I had a great time and enjoyed the King Size bed and lots of down filled pillows and duvet. A bed big enough that.. if.. we needed space from each other, space was in great abundance.. but cuddling was much nicer.

And my ex wife looked awesome in her denim mini skirt on Friday night.

It is certainly amazing what can happen in your future when you take the “high road.”

The libertarian values of responsibility. The values of freedom.

I’d post a picture of my very pretty ex-wife here.. but then if I did.. my ex would blush, and The Flea would get less traffic.

Libertarian friendships are awesome. Here’s to a long, wonderful frienship, dear ex-wife. And here’s to taking the “high road.” And here’s to the Brookstreet Hotel, as well for an awesome setting to continue the saga.

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