A Letter To The CBC

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Submitted via their contact form, on December 27th, around 7PM:

I am astounded at your selection of Kate McMillan to be one of your “Round Table” contributors on the CBC website.

I believe in the inherent right to free speech, and I will admit that Ms McMillan is a skilled and good writer. But what astounds me is that it has come to my attention that McMillan has threatened the CBC and Marcie Abramovitch with a libel suit due to Ms Abramovitch’s inclusion of a link to the “Somena Media” blogsite.

Ms McMillan has, over the course of the past year:

1. Insinuated adult/child impropriety against a person because of their comment timestamp on New Year’s Eve last year. This gross insinuation was made on The Western Standard’s Shotgun blog.

2. Has insinuated, and encouraged others to come to the belief that Meaghan Walker-Williams is mentally disturbed when Ms Walker-Williams takes Ms McMillan to task for unfactual and ridiculous assertions that Ms McMillan has made in the past regarding Native Affairs in Canada. I doubt very much that Ms McMillan has any professional training to make such insinuations, especially based on blog comments by someone that lives three thousand miles away from Ms McMillan.

3. Ms McMillan has encouraged other bloggers to find out the phone number of an Internet blog commenter and have them “call her (the commenter’s) husband” to encourage him to get the commenter “help.” This was of course one of McMillan’s methods to attempt to stifle the speech of another person.

4. Ms McMillan has reported on her own blog, incidents that she blamed on some Native Indian gangs, as fact, without citing any sources for her allegations. When finally pressed on the issue, she reported her source was “talk radio” call in callers – yet these anonymous reports could not be verified by newspaper reports or Saskatoon Police press releases.

5. On my own now defunct blog, Ianism, Ms McMillan insinuated I was “sick” and “needed help” because of a satirical post about Ms McMillan on my blog, wherein I referred to her own words, found on her website, “I promise not to leave anything important out, no matter how embarrassing it may prove to be. (Unless of course, it involves my rd350, nudity, and two or more consenting adults.)” ~ http://www.katewerk.com/bikediary.html

6. It has been alleged that Ms McMillan has edited other people’s comments on both her own blog and on The Shotgun, and no reasonable response to these allegations has ever been provided by Ms McMillan.

7. Ms McMillan has engaged in disparaging remarks about human beings in Africa during a time of crisis for them, because of their fearful reactions towards aid workers.

8. Ms McMillan may be popular, but she it appears she cares very little for truth. Her most recent accusation of “online stalking” against a commenter wreaks of insane thinking. How does one “stalk” someone online, by simply responding to comments made by Ms McMillan?

If you would like me to provide sources for what I have described above, please advise and I will gladly do so.

Again, I believe in free speech, but this means free speech for all, not just for those that support Ms McMillan, or who find her satirical attacks on others to be funny, but find the similar actions toward Ms McMillan to be offensive. If Ms McMillan wants to play in the grown ups’ sandbox, she needs to learn how to learn to accept all the sand that grownups might throw back at her after she’s thrown her own.

I’d encourage you to post Ms Abramovitch’s post to the “Round Table” in its entirety, including the link to Somena Media. If in fact what the Somena Media blog says is “libel” or “defamation,” let Ms McMillan sue Somena Media. It astounds me that the CBC would remove this link, and yet not ask why legal action against Somena Media has not been commenced?

Perhaps Ms McMillan simply doesn’t want many Canadians to find out about all of her comments and views?

If this is true, why does the CBC bother with someone like Ms McMillan and invite her to their “Round Table?”


Now, I think I shall link to Somena Media. Kate, come blow me sue me.

Send me a private email, and I’ll provide my address for service, confidentially to you.

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