Google, Wake Up!!

So Matt Cutts tweeted about a new Google product today, Google Drive. I have no clue what Google Drive is, and right now, I don’t really care. As much as there have been some neat, cool, and awesome products out of Google.. someone has to tell them, “Wake up guys! You were the best at search… and in your attempts to be good at everything else, you’re now becoming average at everything.”

When you first arrived on the scene, you were a search engine. And it took a wee bit of time for people to switch from Altavista, Hotbot or whatever other search engine they were using, but through really good quality results, you managed to do that. It was great!

But in the past few years, in your attempts to be everything to everybody, your quality in everything has just gone way down hill.

Heck, earlier in the year when you did a Panda update, someone searching the term:

fly fishing

saw the “The Flying Fish Restaurant” as one of the search results. Ummmm.. can you say Altavista, 1999?

That kind of search result lasted for a good month, and then there was another update.  Now you get search results that you’d expect if you searched

fly fishing rods

– many of the general information sites about fly fishing in general have been relegated to Page 4. That does not make sense. If I search for ‘fly fishing’ on, why am I getting some part time fly fishing instructor’s website, located in Shelburne, Ontario as one of my top five results? It makes no sense. You ask for “quality” yet you are providing results that are brand oriented, promotional and non-informational.

And that is just one example – I could go on with many other search queries, where Google has obviously dropped the ball.

Look, stop trying to compete with Facebook and all the other stuff. Get back to what you did really good at when you first began. Your “Google +1” thing, along with your Google attempts at providing “Social” are crappy. They slow down my browser, are just totally unintuitive to most people (including me, and I’m pretty good at figuring things out rapidly), and just a pain in the neck. Google, you were a search engine, and a damn good one at that.

Today, everything you put out is average at best in your attempts to be everything to everyone. You are no longer amazing at what you do.

Someone has to tell you.