Where is Cheryl Rowe?

When a tragedy strikes anywhere, most of us feel a sadness and some empathy. When it strikes close to home and to someone you know, it is even worse.

Where is Cheryl Rowe? I grew up with the Rowe family; they lived just down the road from me. I can recall playing with Randy, Mitch, Joey and Cheryl 0 sometimes, we even had childhood disputes, but we always got over them, and although we were not “best friends,” we were “good friends.”

Today, the Rowe family is hurting very much. Cheryl Rowe was last seen on December 21st, 2011 and her disappearance has been a mystery. York Regional police have now called in the Homicide Squad to investigate her disappearance.  Why they waited so long, no one really knows except them.

I spoke with Mitch last night for about two hours. First time I had talked to him in well over 25 years, but it was like we had just talked yesterday. As can be understood, there is angst, concern, dread for fearing the worse, as well as a love that brothers and sisters have for each other, no matter the circumstances.

And they are my friends, even if I have not seen them in years and years. So I am helping the Rowes by doing what I can to put the word out that something happened in Richmond Hill on December 21st and a family is looking for answers.

Someone knows where Cheryl is. Someone knows what happened to her.  There are people out there who likely have some kind of idea about Cheryl’s whereabouts.  Please come forward and at least think of her family.  And her friends.

Posted by Ian Scott