Happy New Year…

Yes, it’s a week into the new year of 2016, and I’ve been quite remiss in not updating this blog over the past year! Time seems to fly by even more quickly and with so much going on in life, there’s not a lot left over for blogging.

It’s nice to see 2015 in the rear view window but mostly am looking ahead. The past year brought a lot of changes especially business wise, and I foresee a few more in store over the next 12 months.

On a personal level, I’m constantly amazed at how fast my son is growing! David is just the most awesome kid, and even though he’s hit the teenage years (can you believe it?) – there is no “teenage angst” to be seen. We’ve worked on a number of projects together although we still haven’t finished building the guitar kit we purchased earlier in the summer. That is a project we need to get back at, but we also need some extra tools to finish it off. Maybe later this month?

Many long ago readers and visitors will remember much talk about a band named “Wise, Young & King” which my eldest son drummed for.  This band no longer exists – but Alex and the lead singer along with another previous member of WY&K reformed into a new band called “Suns Of Stone.” They have released 2 CD’s and I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to be able to attend some of their gigs – very impressive!

In the past year, Suns of Stone also added one of my other older sons, Colin, as their bass player! So it was doubly exciting for me to see them early in December of 2015 – two of my sons playing up on the stage.  Last week, I discovered that it’s also official that Suns of Stone will be opening up for Saga at The Phoenix in Toronto, on February 6th. In addition, there are rumours about a possible European tour later in the  year… I might apply for a roadie job! 🙂 More on news of the tour as it becomes available.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best in 2016. Hopefully this one will have some exciting and positive things for you! And perhaps I’ll find the time to blog more than just a couple of times every six months.

A Natural Cure For Cancer?

It was pretty exciting to come across a fairly recent article discussing some research that is going on into a cure for some cancers. There is likely not a single person who has not been affected by cancer in some way; either having suffered it or watching a loved one endure the pain and wasting away from this brutal disease.

Of course, billions is spent every year on both research and treatment for cancer. Some of the treatments, according to some, seem almost worse than the disease itself. So imagine researchers surprise when they discovered that a common weed may hold the answer to solving this scourge of a disease. Yes, a common weed that has often been classified as “noxious” and that most of us try to get rid of when it appears growing in our lawns!

Apparently, Health Canada has given permission for human trials because of the other preliminary evidence that exists that an extract from this weed can actually cause cancer cells to “commit suicide.”

Interested? Is it possible that a natural remedy that is cheap and in abundance might provide legitimate hope for cancer sufferers?

Well.. take a look for yourself. Dandelion Root – Cure For Cancer?


Our New Project

guitarOne of the things about my son David that I am so happy about is his love of music. I had always hoped he would enjoy music and also realize that having an interest in a wide genre would give him an appreciation for many musical styles, composers, artists and musicians. And with that in mind, I actually took him, along with his older brother, to see The Who when David was four years old. I wondered if it would be worth it; the tickets were expensive and I wondered if David would remember the concert when he was older.

But I also thought, “When David is 21, and discovers he had the opportunity to see The Who, but his dad did not take him, then he might be very disappointed. At least he will be able to say he has seen The Who, even if he doesn’t remember.”

So it was agreed to take him. And not only did he remember it for days after, he still remembers it almost ten years later. And I’ll never forget how disappointed he was when the concert ended: He wanted more of The Who!

Later, David saw The Irish Rovers (we had front row seats and to their amazing credit, everyone of the Rovers commented after to David about they noticed him singing along to every song), and he enjoyed that. He has also see live, many other bands including Deep Purple, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, CCR Revisited, Pat Benatar, Nazareth, Trooper, Cheap Trick, Honeymoon Suite, David Wilcox… the list goes on.

With living in Orangeville and having the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival almost in our backyard, he’s also had many opportunities to listen to fine Blues musicians and a highlight was in 2014, when we got to not only hear Steve Strongman, but have a conversation with him during which Mr. Strongman gave David his “game pick” that he had used during his performance. That pick has become one of David’s treasured possessions.

guitar2And today, it makes me very happy that my son has such a varied list of music on his Iphone and knows how to operate the CD player, and I will often hear him deciding to play a Deep Purple CD… or The Irish Rovers… or Steve Strongman.. or Suns of Stone.. or whatever he is in the mood for at the time.

This year, when David and I visited the Orangeville’s Bluesfest, we were very happy to see that Cithara Guitars were there again this year, in the Vendor’s area. Last year, David had a great time at their tent, talking about their products and the fact that their lines of guitars are named after Greek deities.  So this year, when he saw that they were offering kits to make your own guitar, he told me it was a project that he would love to work on with me. Our own guitar… that we  made ourselves from a kit…

So that is what we are doing. David and I agreed on the acoustic guitar kit and are now working on it and so looking forward to completing it.. and playing!

And I’m very happy for a project that my son enjoys and wants to work on, with me!


A Plug For A Great Dentist

When I was a kid, I hated going to the dentist. Despised it, and after having a root canal done on my two front teeth (after an accident which caused some dental damage), the experience was enough to give me fears and shivers just thinking about going to one.

The dentist our family went to was not exactly a very empathetic person, either. His “dental chair side” manner was not one that would encourage children that were petrified to be any less so. At least I don’t remember him being that way.

So it is with a lot of confidence after taking my son to a dentist, that I can highly recommend Dr. Gewarges – and if you have children and live close enough to the Shelburne, ON area to use his services, you might want to consider his clinic.

David was originally very nervous about going to the dentist, but Dr. Gewarges and his staff had David at ease almost immediately. For children (and adults), being at ease is probably the most important thing to ensuring an experience that will ensure good dental practices later in life, including regular checkups. Dr. G, as his patients often call him, had funny jokes, a smile, and a demeanor that just couldn’t but make David smile and realize that he could relax and my son went away with no more fears of going to the dentist.

It was with a bit of sadness to learn that Dr. Gewarges had decided to sell his clinic in Orangeville and retire, a few years back. But recently, we learned that he just could not keep away from practicing the profession he loved and has since opened a new clinic in Shelburne. And seriously, if you are looking for a family dentist, and live in the area, I would suggest that giving Dr. G a try will probably be something you won’t regret.


Small Town Family Dental
125 Main St. W
Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3K3,

Website: http://smalltowndental.ca/

New Business – The Ian Scott Group

the ian scott groupLate last year (2014), there were some reasons that I needed to seriously reconsider my business relationship of over 16 years with PairoWoodies. Sixteen to 17 years is a good run, and I’m thankful for all of the experience I had as well as the many things I learned while a partner in that business.

Things have been a bit hectic the past few months as I’ve transitioned into the new business – The Ian Scott Group – which will be offering the same services but in addition, with some great partners who are dedicated to quality and timely service, even more products and services to assist both existing and new businesses.

A new opportunity along with the ability to allow me to refocus and work on things I love to do! Services that we’ll be focusing on include:

  • Web Development/Design
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Web & Internet Marketing Consulting
  • SEO
  • Local Search/Local SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Linux Server Management

The new website is still not complete – there is quite a bit of content that is still to come to more fully describe the various services we have to offer. But feel free to visit, and – of course, give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you!

The new website: The Ian Scott Group

Our office and phone number has not changed:

26 First Ave
Orangeville, ON L9W 1H8
(519) 940-3504

Many of our existing clients are aware of the situation and I’m thankful that they have expressed a great deal of excitement and encouragement! The transition is still taking place – often things come up that take a little longer than anticipated, or that were unforeseen, but the key is to keep moving ahead with your goals in mind.

One thing that clients can expect is improved communication and follow up. That’s always been a sticking point with me, and I know that I appreciate communication from businesses that I am a client of. To that end, that is a priority for me to ensure good communication, along with extensive testing of products and coding before they are delivered.

All of our partners and associates are committed to delivering top quality service while we bring business and solutions together. And while we may be located in a small town in Ontario, we can still provide services to clients across North America and Europe.