Ian Scott – Who I Am Not!

It is humorous for me to find out that someone has “googled” my name, and have mentioned about all the different “Ian Scott’s” they have come across.  There certainly are plenty of us – it seems to be quite a common name. More common than I had ever thought. I thought it might be a good idea to point out who I am not!

Perhaps one of the most infamous is some porn star in France. No, I am not Ian Scott, the porn star. Never was, never will be, although I have had a few people joke about it.

Years ago, there was an Attorney-General of Ontario named Ian Scott. At the time, I worked in a law enforcement position and that used to garner a few chuckles.  That particular Ian Scott and I certainly did not share the same philosophy or politics however. Today in Ontario, a high profile Ian Scott is the head of the SIU – Special Investigations Unit, which is responsible for investigating incidents with police officers where serious injury or death has resulted in interactions of citizens with the police.

When I was younger, I did spend some time at Sick Children’s hospital and for a time, wanted to become a Doctor. Today, there is a Dr. Ian Scott at that hospital. I am not he! Although I regret that I did not have more ambition in my later high school years and decided against medical school.

I do very much enjoy photography, but I am not the Ian Scott that does wedding photography. My photos are more of outdoor scenes and usually include a lot  of fish like rainbow trout.

When I was in high school, another dream of mine was to become a professional footballer. Well, in North America we call it soccer. I really enjoyed playing and had the honour of playing on a highly skilled team (although for me, it wasn’t skill – just a bit of luck and determination). Today, there is an American Footballer named Ian Scott. Not me. (Josef) Ian Scott was born the year before I graduated highschool and during my first year on that senior soccer team. As well, this guy has a size 16 foot. Mine are either 12 or 13, depending on the brand of the shoe.

Other Ian Scott’s include the head of a property management firm, as well as a Tom Jones/Neil Diamond tribute singer artist. I can’t sing worth beans. Everyone that knows me definitely knows there would be no confusion between us! And interestingly enough, there is an Ian Scott who represents the Dubai Tourist Board.

Another Ian Scott I have come across is from PEI and we share a common interest in that we are both members of the Scott Family association, the Clan Scott Society. Mr. Scott of PEI is also the Society’s “Commissioner” for the Canadian Atlantic provinces.

So, these are many of the Ian Scott’s of whom I am not. For those that are interested, perhaps in a day or so, I’ll post about who I am! I am not sure it will be all that interesting reading, however.




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