Ian Scott – The Real Ian Scott!

The other day, I wrote about who I am not. With all the ‘Ian Scott’s’ out there, I wouldn’t blame you for being confused. I sometimes confuse myself! But in reality, I’m not as exciting as many of the others share the same name as I.

Having said that, in the past few days, something exciting (at least to me) has happened, so let’s start with the most recent and move backwards.  I am very proud and honoured to have been appointed “Convenor for Ontario” by the Scott Clan Society Chieftain.  I received the appointment on January 25, 2012 and was very honoured to have this appointment bestowed upon me.

So that is the most recent news – and it alone does not make me who I am. Who am I, and what is important to me, what do I value, and what do I dream?

Perhaps the absolute most important and valuable piece of information is that I am a father – I am a father to four boys that I love very much. The eldest is Alex, then James, then Colin and finally David. There is a wide range in their ages, with Alex turning 24 this year, and David turning 9 in August of 2011.  If anyone were to ever ask me about my identity or who I was, being the proud father of those four sons would be first on my list.

Being a dad isn’t always easy – but those four guys have made it easier for me than most.  Each one of them are awesome individuals, and at the same time they are my sons.

At the time of this writing, I’m, I guess, “officially” single however I do not really consider myself single. There is a woman in my life whom I love deeply and totally, but she’s not around right now.  Not sure if it was my fault, our fault, or what, but we were meant to meet for some reason or other, and I’m having a hard time “getting over” her… but I’m not really sure I want to get over her. So maybe that’s my problem.

I miss her deeply. I even talk to her at times, and talk to her photos. Does that make me crazy? Not sure.  But Colleen Campbell meant the world to me, and she still does….

I own my own business – well, that’s not totally true – I’m a partner in a business – that does internet web development consulting.  We’ve been in business since 1997, which as far as the Internet age is concernced, we’re old timers. We’re been around before most Canadians even knew what the Internet was, and since then, we’ve put together websites from everything to simple to extremely complicated, including e-commerce.

One of the most favorite parts of my business is providing search engine optimization for my clients.  Before there was Google, there was Alta Vista, HotBot, and a whole bunch of other search engines, and getting ranked in them was one of the most fun things for me. Since then, I’ve learned about what matters, what does not, and  have seen tons of crappy theory put out by so called “SEO experts” that is simply not true….. and enjoy working on the basics and proving the “theorists” wrong.

Before all of this, I used to arrest people.  Arrest bad guys. But not always… arresting people was not my favorite thing to do, but if called upon, I would. My preference was “arrest as a last resort” and try to work out crisis and other situations, looking for alternatives that would be to the benefit of all concerned.  I don’t mind fighting one bit – but it’s not my first preference. I feel more successful working something out than winning a fight – but if the fight is necessary, I’ll be there.  More often than not, fighting and arresting people are a last resort and aren’t needed.

I’ve also worked on farms and ranches.  And been a vacuum cleaner salesman. I’ve done some of the craziest jobs, just to get paid, and other times, just because I enjoyed them. I’ve milked cows by hand, and fixed the mechanical stuff in tall silos during the hottest times of the year.  If you’ve ever been up in a silo in the middle of summer, you’ll know what I mean by “crazy.”

I’m told I am saucy at times, and I come by that quite honestly. My ancestors were often known as “The Saucy Scotts,”  and I have to admit I quite enjoy that genetic disposition, althought it was gotten me into trouble when it’s been misinterpreted.  I see the same thing in my sons; a sense of sauciness, twinkles in their eyes and I hope they figure out how to control it or use it in ways that isn’t misinterpreted by others. If not, then well… I hope they find the people who enjoy it and learn to not give a rat’s ass for those who don’t.

I own a Boston Terrier named Beans. I did not pick the name. But it’s an appropriate name as he is full of beans.  I guess I am his Daddy, but his mommy abandoned us.  Well… that’s not totally true, I suppose from her perspective, she had to do things she needed to do. But we miss her. His “mommy,” the above mentioned Colleen was/is the best,  but perhaps she’s moved on and has found something or someone better for her.  Deep down, I still have dreams and thoughts that one day, she’ll walk back into my house, hug me, smile, and then never let me go forever.  Yes, she means that much to me.

If you are talking to her, let her know, ok?  She meant the world to me – and she still does, no matter what I try to do to ignore that. As someone once said to me, true and real love is perennial… in my case that is true.  And the stuff we have done in bitterness at times… and yet…  what’s that “Titanic Song?” Love goes on? Something like that.

Moving on… I, the real Ian Scott, (and often, I have preferred the spelling of Iain but that is not  on my birth certificate), was born in Northern Ireland in 1963. My family came to Canada a few years after I was born, which left me as a child in a bit of a spot because I loved where we had lived. I was young enough to try to adjust but I was also old enough to wonder why we had moved, and had to give up memories and warm thoughts of my place of birth.  As much as I loved my Grandfather Stephen, I loved and missed my Grandfather Scott and my Scott relatives and cousins.  And my neighbour, Mrs. whatshername, in Mervillle Garden Village, who used to watch out for me when I played in the back yard.

So there’s a quick run down of the real Ian Scott – not all the other imposters out there! Mind you, perhaps living the life of one of the imposters might be more exciting at times!

A quick list:

  • Some of my favorite people:
  • Colleen Campbell
  • John Alexender Scott (my father, deceased)
  • John Alexander Scott (Alex – my eldest son)
  • James Ian Stephen Scott (My second eldest son)
  • Colin Andrew Scott (My third son)
  • David Hugh Scott (My fourth son)
  • Andrew Scott (My brother)
  • Janice Elizabeth Scott Hagan (My Sister)
  • Elinor Hall Clements (My cousin)
  • David Hall (My Cousin)
  • Kent Stephen (My Cousin)
  • Beth Stephen ( My Cousin)
  • David Moore (My sports and fishing buddy from way back)
  • Wendy Woudstra ( My business partner since 1997)
  • Ian James (Another guy I’ve known since “way back” and who’s always been there).
  • Joe Gorscak (spelling?  Who cares if I spelled it right.. the guy is a wonderful man, a great long time friend, and someone I appreciate)
  • Tedd Paquette  …. ah… Tedd.. my auld man trained him and then Tedd re-trained me and was the basis of much of my own philosophical questioning and learning – some fun trips, good times and conversations, and someone who motivated me to think…
  • Vene Hamilton – one of the most special and memorable women ever  – when I was sick in the hospital as a young boy, Nurse Hamilton would spend time with me after completing her night shift, and spend more time with Ian Scott, the scared and lonely patient and would do her best to be a comfort. I’ve never forgotten, I never will, and her efforts are something that anyone could copy in order to be a great person.

I know I’ve left some people out. I have been blessed to have crossed paths with a lot of great people, people that I fondly think of quite often, and who have been in my life and have been very important. I didn’t mention above but as I think abut it, my dear friends Lisa and her husband Dave Aldred.  Some of my friends who are now deceased, like Ivan. John Mark. The little kid that shared a room with me at Sick Kid’s Hospital, and who was wheeled out of the room and never returned.

My friend John Hoyt – we didn’t even like each other the first time we crossed paths (both of us were feeling pretty miserable after working three double shifts in a row), but we went on to be awesome partners, best of friends, protectors of each other, and formed a bond that will never be broken. We fought togehther, backed each other up, settled each other down when it was necessary, argued about many things, and we don’t keep in touch enough, but when we do, are like brothers at arms.

Clyde Vivian… another man I have learned so much from. Rick Zhivko… the team of us three at  a housing project where crack was first found in Toronto… and dealing with that….

I, Ian Scott am not who I am, without the people that have been there, the things I have done with others, the respect I have for others who have been there with me.

And I appreciate that so very much.

And yes… Colleen Campbell... I love you and hope somehow, our friendship and love won’t go the way of others… I miss you. Take it as you will… you mean the world to me.
















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