Ian Scott – MIA For Four Years?

No not really missing in action for four years, just been away from Ianism. It’s been an interesting four years to say the least – experience wise, personally and from a business point of view.

I thought I would resurrect the old domain, but I’m still not totally certain what I will do with it. For the time being, I’ll likely stay away from subjects of politics, liberty and religion. Having said that, I still have all the old posts and comments and I’ve been asked by a few people that I respect to put them back up. I may… or may not. I have not decided.

Due to some commitments I was making back in November of 2007, took Ianism down. I felt I did not have the time to devote to this blog and was rather looking forward to spending some time in other ways.  There have been quite a few changes in that time, including an additional 4 years of wrinkles, poorer eyesight and stronger glasses, and quite a bit of traveling.  My “wee man” is growing into an awesome son – and my older three sons are all doing things I’m very proud of them for.

When I get a chance, I’ll get my links back up and running to my favorite bloggers – and I’ve found some new ones since 2007 as well. Interestingly, I recall Marcel over at Stageleft (his blog is now invite only?) taking bets that I’d be back blogging with Ianism in less than a year. Well… he would have lost that one!

Do to some changes, my business has changed a bit with quite a bit of emphasis on Canadian SEO as well as assisting American clients. Local Search is also now a big thing with the huge popularity of smart phones. With the proliferation of review sites, online reputation management is another service I’ve been helping some with.

What’s The Same:

Still continue to have my interests with our fly fishing site as well as the one devoted to the book publishing industryHome Wine Making continues to be an interest although I have not made much wine in the past couple of years.

What’s New:

Beans, the Boston Terrier Puppy! I’ll post photos soon. After much research though, I’m convinced that a raw meat diet for dogs is best.  After switching Beans over to that, and then discovering that the so-called “premium” brand of food I had been feeding him was subject to a recall due to poisonous levels of a carcinogenic fungi, I was very happy I had switched him.

Well, enough for now. More on the new interests and hobbies as we go along here. I have no clue how regularly I will post here; it may be quite random but we’ll see.

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