Get More Traffic With SEO Diamond?

I like buying SEO courses. I know that my own methods work well, but it’s always good when you get some new nuggets that you weren’t aware of or techniques that have a different twist. I enjoy testing them to see what works and what does not. I’ve been doing this since 1997.

Many of the courses I’ve purchased are absolute garbage, while some have been worth the price, to me. And let me tell you something: There are many systems and techniques that work, some better than others, and sometimes not as you might expect in different niches. In this way, SEO is an art as well as a science.

I like Ross Goldberg. Never met him in person, but have had a few small correspondences with him, and have purchased a few of his courses. Some of them I really enjoyed and learned something new. So I was excited to hear about a new one he co-released on the Warrior Forum with “London Paladin.” At seven bucks and change, what the heck?

Well, unfortunately I cannot recommend this course to folks wanting to learn about SEO. If you want, you can read about it here – but read my cautions first. This course is entitled “Occupy Google V 2.0”. I never did see any previous versions of “Occupy Google” so I can’t comment on them.

The course consists of weekly modules over 12 weeks. To be honest, I’ve only got to about week 10 or 11. Each module contains a very short video, narrated by “London” with a couple of PDF files that contain links (some of them are affiliate links) to recommended outsources.

To war hardened SEO types, there is really nothing much new in the course, other than perhaps you might find some new people to outsource some tasks to, if you’re into that sort of thing. For those new to the SEO world, and want to rank their site on their own without having an expert, the first week or two is fairly basic and no major alarm bells went off in my head, except for the idea of article spinning. For someone new to SEO, there was absolutely LOTS left out here and that is the danger for someone using the course.

Today, debate continues to rage in the SEO community about the importance of back link anchor text diversity, and surely, if you’re going to teach a course on SEO, especially in this day and age, you should be touching upon that, and recommending article distribution.

What really scares me is some of the stuff that Ross and London teach that they claim is more “advanced,” in lessons or weeks nine through twelve. In today’s SEO world, doing what they suggest might… and I mean might with emphasis, help you to rank well for a time, but it also could have your site flagged, with the possibility of one of those dreaded “unnatural link warnings” from Google. And for me, this is where it gets kind of interesting. Occupy Google 2.0 sales page provides “proof” of rankings for search terms like:

[get more traffic]
[diamond seo]
[micro seo]

which are not exactly search terms that are used much everyday. Furthermore, the sales copy provides this “proof” after talking about how London managed to get dating sites ranked. Sure, they claim these are “new niches” but also try to infer that they are “fiercely competitive,” and they have nothing to do with “dating sites” referred to in the sales copy.

Well, they are not “fiercely competitive,” and indeed, the one search term [get more traffic] that is #1 in Google goes to an Amazon product – a kindle book I believe, written by Ross Goldberg.

What might impress me more is if Goldberg had created a brand new site, used the strategies he and London claim, and had that ranked above an Amazon product page. But why bother when there are only about 880 exact match searches per month for [get more traffic]?

Sadly, and I expected more from Ross (but had some suspicions) when he wrote in the Warrior Forum thread that this term had about 500 searches per day. That’s only true when you check Google Adwords tool and and use the “broad match” filter. Either Ross made a major mistake, is incompetent, or is trying some marketing fluff on those that don’t know about how to get results on keyword research. I’d like to think it was just a mistake.


Late in 2011, and sponsored by Ryan Deiss and his internet marketing company, Ross created a program about reputation management. It was actually a pretty good program! But what was interesting is that in that program, Ross bragged about how well his father’s “men’s suits” online business was doing in the search engines, and that his father was just paying him a hundred bucks a month for SEO work. Ross touched upon the “fact” that he had hired some girls to do some of his SEO work for him, but that they had not done a good job; they had spent too much time and effort on Ross’ father’s site, and not enough time on the other high paying clients Ross had. But still, the results were there for everyone to see – Dad Goldberg ranked really well for some great search terms. And yes, it was impressive.

Move ahead some months later, and Google has implemented Penguin, and post Penguin, that same men’s suit website is not ranking so well anymore. Ross came out with a new product though. When asked about his dad’s site, his response to the tanking in rankings was something in effect to blaming the girls he had hired. And then fired. That response to me, suggests some transparency problems along with a lack of integrity.

Hey, I’m not a marketer and have no plans to sell an SEO WSO on the Warrior Forum. I do however, am a bit hesitant at recommending products when there are issues and I especially hate to see brand new people doing things that someone has told them to do, and spending time and money on activities and products that are questionable at best.

Occupy Google 2.0 – should you purchase it? No, especially if you are a “newby.” Well, you can purchase it, but do a heck of a lot of research first, before you actually implement any of the recommendations.

I just hate seeing people get burned with expectations, and time spent – even if it only cost them seven bucks in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Get More Traffic With SEO Diamond?

  1. Hey Ian,

    Your issues with my father’s site are irrelevant because he just sold it, as I stated in the Warrior Forum when you commented on the thread.

    I respect your opinion on the Occupy Google 2.0 product, but unless you’ve applied it and found it lacking (which is physically impossible since it came out last week), you really have no grounds to stand on. Prove me wrong and I’ll rectify it with every SINGLE customer of that product.

    I do my best to ensure that every program or software I release stands far above others in value and undercharge for everything I do. I take my reputation very seriously.

    If you’d like to get on the phone and discuss these issues (which I’ve offered to do with you numerous times) feel free to call my toll free number at 1-800-274-5815.


  2. Thanks for your comment. To answer….

    “Your issues with my father’s site are irrelevant because he just sold it,”

    Sorry.. that’s not true. It is very relevant. You have not been transparent with regard to your father’s site. In your reputation management course, you state one thing, and then later, you state something else.

    “but unless you’ve applied it and found it lacking (which is physically impossible since it came out last week), you really have no grounds to stand on.”

    LOL.. umm.. sure.. ok. I have grounds to stand on that I know from my own experience, a newby that has hopes of ranking a brand new website for [make money online] in twelve weeks using your system in this course, won’t be making their money back.

    “If you’d like to get on the phone and discuss these issues (which I’ve offered to do with you numerous times)”

    No, you haven’t. You have offered it numerous times to anyone but not to me personally. But I might take you up on the offer.. as I’ve written above, Iike you and most of what you’ve done.. I just simply can’t recommend this course to people new to SEO and similar ones that promise and give ideas of expectations that are not true.

      • Ross.. before we talk.. let me show you some “proof” and why “proof” is not always proof. – search [get more traffic diamond seo](945,000 results) – this blog post page one

        then also search [diamond seo] (Over 31 million results) – this blog post page one

        [get more traffic] (over 900 million results) – this blog post on page 7.

        These searches were conducted a few minutes ago, in Chrome Incognito, and with the “US” option selected. I seriously would and look forward to talking with you. I can show you some sites where I’ve taken the opposite approach of “Occupy Google” and are doing really well, whereas others, taking a similar approach to Occupy Google, saw some decent results which then dropped off. I’m still not totally sure why – there were subsequent “issues” that have not yet been resolved that I’m waiting for before I make any decisions on that.

        I’ve also got some local clients who have seen business increase, without a substantial increase in website traffic… yet they rank very high. It’s a psychological thing, I think.. I’ll talk to you about it.. you might already know about it. If you do, fine.. then my experience is just another confirmation for us both. And we can talk about works and how to make it better. Between you and me.. like, I’ll give you credit and vice versa.

        With all the stuff that’s gone on, I am very sure we both have similar goals – to do the best for our clients!

        My own philosophy, after the past six months is a very slow “tortoise” like philosophy. We have one of our own properties that is aged (12 years old, PR of 5, has tons of quality links), and out of the blue.. got an “unnatural link warning” from Google. It’s bizarre. I’ll confidentially share this with you – not to look for your advice, but for the purposes of sharing data.

        I’ve got clients who, while they may not be in “high competition” searches, doing extremely well, making money and/or getting exposure – and we’ve taken a minimalist approach. This whole Penguin update(s) are crazy – is it back link profiles? Is it onsite? I have one client who called me AFTER Penguin hit.. and we simply focussed on onsite stuff.. and her site came back within two weeks, yet.. you might think it was the backlink anchor text profile. But it was cleaning up the onsite stuff (despite the crazy anchor text) that brought her back.

        So.. with this in mind, this is the reason I cannot recommend your course. It’s not that i don’t want to.. I think you are a good guy. I really do. I’ve watched some of your videos and you know how you start out, “I’m mad and angry…!!!” and so forth.. mad and angry about some of the stuff that is out there, that people spend money on? Well, so am I… and indeed, I did not even charge my clients after the first Penguin update for a month.. even though I was working for them.. because I wasn’t sure of what was going on.

        I look forward to sharing my data with you, Ross. And my reasons for not being sure about it, and also updating you on some things as they are corrected, to see if there is any difference. I am very sincere about this.

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