Dear @mattcutts

Thank you for your personal reply on Twitter today. I appreciated it. Now, lets get down to business – I can’t “tweet” the details, as there is not enough room or space.

Try it yourself.. search [fly fishing] on or google.CA.  If you were a dude, wanting to learn more about fly fishing, what sort of results would you want to appear?

Results about Cabela’s fly fishing rods?

Results about Orvis fly fishing equipment?


A United Kingdom fly fishing form? perhaps… Although it’s across the Atlantic.

Bass Pro Shops fly fishing gear and rods?

If I type in [fly fishing], I am interested in stuff about fly fishing. If I wanted to know about [fly fishing rods] or [fly fishing gear], that is what I would have typed in.

if I go to Google.CA, I get websites advertising their fly fishing instructional services… and I’m probably too far away to take advantage of that.

No matter where you are, if you are interested in learning more about fly fishing, and you “google” it.. are you going to learn more by going to these places:

Or this place:


Or any one ot the other amazing places like  Yes, I own – but seriously dude.. why does an Orvis or Bass Pro Shops page for fly fishing rods rank higher than for that search term?

Why does a fly fishing forum in the UK rank higher than popular and frequented form in north America, on  Google.COM and .CA?

Why does suddenly not rank in .CA… but does on page 4 of .com… when it simply changed to an American hosting company?

Maybe all those Google PhD guys are thinking too much?







5 thoughts on “Dear @mattcutts

  1. I looked at your site “about fishing”, and I like it a lot. It provides value, loads extremely fast, and I hardly even noticed the ad on top.

    I do agree, Google is living in “brand fantasy land” and its insane. Killing great, relevant information in the name of promoting brands, will be the death of a once great brand.


    • Thanks for your comment, Jim. Today, it gets worse… with many really good sites apparently bumped out of the SERP’s. And some really strange search results that are just nutty.

  2. After the last update even here in Brazil we feel this for a lot of keywords, there is no sense in the results, I am a google fan boy, but I see that trying to be the best is taking google on the wrong way, is this the result that you want google? to be just like altavista and yahoo, forgoten?
    Hope to see best results or I’ll have to look to another search engine.
    Google+ is awful and maps results should be more carefull about the places they show, any one could add a place that doesn’t exist…… for the number one you should look again inside your team.

    • Yes Sam – it looks like this is affecting Google search worldwide. I’ve seen reports from Hungary and the UK where search results are just messed up.

      Bing (although I don’t like Microsoft) and are looking better and better.

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