Residential Elevators?

I have to admit I’ve never really thought much of having a house with an elevator inside. I know such homes exist, but to me, such a luxury was always reserved for the rich and famous, and those too lazy to use the stairs! But recently, due to some business dealings, I discovered that indeed, having an elevator or stair lift installed in one’s home is now a serious concern among many, and also something that is much more affordable than you might think.

With our aging population, and more and more people wanting to be able to enjoy lives in their own homes, many are deciding to have an elevator or lift installed in their home. This gives the homeowner more freedom to enjoy their homes, whether they need such equipment inside, or as an external installation to be able to comfortable enter the house where there are stairs.

Thankfully, my own health is wonderful at this point, and I have no need to think about such things, and hopefully I won’t have to. But for those that do have some concerns about being able to enjoy their living spaces or other properties, the option of having an elevator or lift installed is now a serious option that is not reserved for the rich only. Of course, it’s not “cheap” to purchase and have an elevator installed either, but it’s in reach for more people today, than it was decades ago.

I came across a wonderful family owned business who specialize in both the supply and installation of home elevators, as well as providing amazing maintenance services! They are located north of Toronto, but their service area includes Eastern and Northern Ontario. Because their home base is close to Orangeville, their name suits – Headwaters Elevators And Lift Services – as this is known as “The Headwaters” region.

In learning more about the company, I was very impressed with their ongoing commitment to high quality service and customer satisfaction. These people are COMMITTED to bringing the best products and the best service, including ensuring the highest degree of safety and comfort, in residential elevators.

If you’re in the GTA, give them a look up for toronto home elevator installation and service! Tell them I sent you, as well 🙂

Web Design – Vancouver and BC Mainland

sunset tofino

Sun Setting Over The Pacific Near Tofino, BC

Many of my readers (all ten of you) know that I own a web development business that also does considerable work in the SEO (Organic and Local Search) segments. We’ve been helping out quite a few businesses here in Ontario and elsewhere, and have seen some really good results. We like to take a holistic approach to SEO – including ensuring websites have solid “on-site” search engine optimization.

But did you know that we also offer services throughout North America? We do! In fact, we even have clients in the United Kingdom – doing business across the miles is really not all that difficult, although sometimes you have to be cognizant of time differences. For us, that can mean a span of 8 hours at any given time, with the UK being 5 hours ahead, and the west coast of Canada 3 hours behind. But with many many years working shift work prior to starting the business, and now years of adjusting to clients’ time zones, we’ve managed quite well.

One of the areas of Canada that we’ve had some very happy clients is in the Vancouver region of British Columbia. We’ve helped a number of different businesses including fly fishing guides, a harbour boat cruise line, and a consulting firm that supports individuals that want to be become or already are virtual assistants. Our services have included web development, maintenance, SEO, and support for WordPress security.

I’ve really enjoyed Vancouver every time that I have visited. I’ve visited the city on both business and pleasure trips, have enjoyed the downtown area of Vancouver as well as fly fishing out in the Mission area. In addition, I’ve been privileged enough to have visited Vancouver Island and driven to Tofino. If you ever get a chance, that is a drive you should put on your “bucket list.”

As a growing business, The Ian Scott Group has been focusing recently on helping and increasing the number of local clients, so much of our website has content aimed at that market. But recently, in conversations with a couple of our Vancouver area clients, there was much encouragement to me that I should seriously consider increasing our business in the Vancouver area. It was very encouraging to hear that my business would have plenty of support with getting new clients in and around that beautiful city, so we’re starting to build resources and information for businesses, both new and existing, out that way.

So to begin with, I’ve had my staff create a new page on our business website which will be a “gateway” page for businesses in Vancouver looking for high quality web development and marketing services. It’s just a beginning – (more here) – but we’ll be putting together some resources for businesses on the west coast over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned – there are plans for some introductory rates so you can discover our services and what we can do for you. This will also include helping you with some social media marketing campaigns, website security and maintenance packages, and of course, one of our specialties – website SEO audits.

Let me know your thoughts on the services you’d like to see us deliver!