Games Wendy Woudstra Plays

Wendy is still at it. She doesn’t like conflict, she says, when caught in lies, or projects that she has abandoned without any communication. Frustrating for others, including clients – but all in a “day’s work” for Wendy.

And she’s still at. After discovering her lie about contact and follow up with a client, as well as hearing another complaint from another client about a lack of response to phone call requests, I’m wondering what is the point of paying for a cell phone for Wendy?

Back in July, one of the same clients complained to me that weeks had gone by without hearing from Wendy. Wendy’s excuse was that because she had moved, she had no phone to call the client. Except this was a lie. She had a cell phone, provided and paid for by the business.

So.. yesterday, I finally advised Wendy to return the phone. What’s the point of paying for it if she doesn’t bother to use it for the purposes it was provided to her? It’s been an ongoing problem. (After similar lack of contact issues, I had actually asked her to return the phone back in March of this year, but let it go after she did not  – as there was a short period of time where she seemed willing to communicate a bit more honestly – for awhile).

Well, I get the phone back. She has stolen the SIM card out of it though.

I turned on the phone, saw instructions to remove the battery and insert the SIM card. I took it over to Bell Mobility Office where Brad confirmed the SIM Card was missing. I’m not really sure what it was supposed to look like, but it indeed, it is not in the phone.

Not only did she not have the guts to return a phone in it’s normal working order to me herself, she sends it back with our son – so I have to discover this theft of the SIM card while he is here with me. How disgusting is that?

How utterly warped?

Bell Mobility considers what you have done Wendy, to be considered “theft.” You actively removed the required part of the phone that makes it work – that the services that are being paid for, causes the phone to have the abilities it is supposed to have.

Not sending along the charger could be understandable (although I do require that from you immediately), but actively removing the back cover of the phone, and removing the SIM card before returning it – well.. it is this same sort of activity that has been so frustrating over the years.

You think this is funny, Wendy? Is this your idea of professionalism or dealing with issues? You refused to deal with the problems clients report regarding lack of contact, and so instead of dealing with that issue, when it comes down to finally having to make a money saving decision, because you’re not responsive anyhow, you think this is humourous, or somehow a grown up adult way to deal with it?

Your actions are not funny. They have caused the loss of thousands and thousands of dollars, AS WELL as the loss of my severance and part of my pension funds, that I invested in this business.

Grow up, Wendy Woudstra. You don’t like conflict? Then stop acting in ways that motivate conflict. Stop lying. Stop pulling stupid stunts. Start acting in good faith. That will go along way to preventing conflict.

Please return the SIM card AND the charger, immediately. And stop acting so childish, especially using our son to help you carry out your dirty cowardly work.

Wendy Woudstra’s Offer – October 2013

Attached is a PDF of a letter Wendy wrote and emailed to me in October of 2013, after we had a meeting to discuss matters the day before. She claimed she was ‘very sorry’ and wanted to “repair” the problems she had caused. She acknowledge her communication issues (in a follow up email, also acknowledged an issue with habitual lying, related to the communication issues).

There was also follow up email discussion in regard to the “What Has Been Paid” “Payment In Kind” section, which shows how it is not exactly a reasonable representation of the historical facts, but we did agree that Wendy’s “Payment in time” was a good starting point:

“This is the only form of payment that I can offer at this time that can increase given my circumstances.

As far as I can tell, I derive no material benefit from the billable hours I do for Pairowoodies each month. So these hours can, in effect, be considered payment to you.

The hours on my timesheet depend entirely on the work clients ask me to do, so I have little control over that, but if we can find a way to increase these hours, I am more than willing to do so.”


Wendy Woudstra’s Offer – October 2013

An Open Public Request To Wendy Woudstra

After years of privately trying to get cooperation, coaching, talking, pleading, hoping, and then having postponements, cancellations, etc on her part.. I’m left with no other alternative. The lawyer says legal action could be successful but might take years.

Client names are hidden for confidentiality. This is a copy of an email sent this morning, November 25th, 2014, after yet another lie from Wendy Woudstra in regard to follow up to a client. I’m at my wits end here.

I have been requesting documentation from you on all of the services you’ve been providing all clients.

I require full documentation to everything, immediately.

It must be clear, and must include all notes, and fully documented scripts and software that have been developed by you while providing services as through


This includes XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX and anyone else.


All scripts and code must be fully documented including historical changes/dated reasons for change.


I have been asking you for this for years, and I require it now. This business has clients that have their own needs and requirements and in order to meet them in a professional manner, as well as to ensure this business meets legal
obligations including covering errors and omissions.


Your refusal to provide documentation or see how important it is despite my many attempts at asking you for it is an omission on your part for which I will hold you responsible if you do not provide all documentation that is
related to this business and for the ongoing services that are provided to clients. As you know, I have been requesting this from you for many years now.


Further, I require coaching from you with regard to live issues of the XXX (FR Services, Double Click), as we have discussed in the past – however you have postponed them and continued to put it off.


I also need to know the last time you checked the XXX back
up server and what your findings were, which is your task to ensure all is working.  According to the history log on the back up server:

(other user info removed)
wendy    pts/0        cinqo.pairowoodi Wed Aug  6 11:18 – 17:08  (05:50)


In other words, you have not logged in apparently since August 6, 2014. It was agreed that it was your duty to regularly check backups including databases, but you have failed to do so.


This is a serious request – you have failed to respond to many previous requests, and as such, have left me, this business, and our clients in a precarious position should you at some point, not be able to carry out the tasks when required or needed.


Failure to communicate and cooperate in this matter will be treated as a very serious neglect on your part.


You have continuously refused to cooperate, meet your agreements and promises, and therefore I am now considering making this an open public letter to you
because of your regular lies and deception, which includes your most recent lie about following up with a client on Thursday November 20th, 2014, when in fact you did not follow up with them. Your lies and deceit is totally unacceptable and has cost both this business and clients in the past and it must cease now.





Go Away, CRTC

Just. Go Away.

CRTC Issues Ultimatum To Netflix, Google

There never really was a need for the CRTC or for regulation of the airwaves and content programming. Why these regulators think they ought to control what I choose to watch, have streamed to me, or anything else is irrelevant. Their reasons are irrelevant. In fact, it is simply a sign of their psychopathy. A psychopathic need to control.

I don’t subscribe to Netflix. I don’t have cable TV (or satellite for that matter). And that is my choice. If I choose to subscribe to Netflix, why on earth would some psychopaths feel that they know what my choices should be?



Blackberry & Geocaching

geocache find

Our First Geocache Find

My son who is now 12 years old, has discovered a new hobby that he has been enjoying: Geocaching. For those who have never heard of it, it is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America. Basically, it involves locating “caches” that have been hidden and then logging and recording your experience.

To find caches, you need to know approximately where they are. The person who hid the cache will provide coordinates which are then uploaded to a website. seems to be the most popular.

You can search for hidden caches at the above mentioned website but members who have registered for free will only get to see a limited number. You can subscribe for a modest fee of $29.99/year and then enjoy other benefits including the ability to see where all caches have been hidden. As a non-premium member, you will not have access to information about all caches and you will be limited in the number of caches you can get information about.

Geocaching Mobile Apps

There are also a variety of geocaching apps for the Iphone and Android mobile devices. My son has an Iphone and has installed a geocaching app which allows him to use the built in GPS to locate caches. One of his first discoveries was a cache that had been hidden about a minute walk from our house. And that was my first introduction to geocaching as well.

Unfortunately, Blackberries are not very well supported as far as the hobby of geocaching. When my son and I attended an introductory seminar about geocaching, I was laughed at when I asked about apps that might be available for my mobile device, and told “Get an Iphone or Android.” Well, being in a long term contract with my mobile provider doesn’t really make that an option for me at this time.

So I continued to research and came across “CacheSense,” an app for Geocaching that has been developed for a number of Blackberries including BB10, PlayBook and OS versions 4.x through 7.x. My own Blackberry is a Torch (9810) and is running Version 7.1. I was quite excited to discover CacheSense but at first, I thought that maybe I was not going to be able to get it to work.

I initially downloaded the software from the CacheSense website. However, after installing it and trying to run it, I received the error:”CacheSense: Module ‘CacheSense-2′ attempts to access a secure API.”

I was advised to delete the app, remove the battery from my Blackberry, reinstall the battery and turning my device on before trying to download the software and reinstalling it. However, I again ran into problems and when the Blackberry attempted to download, it would be interrupted with an error message of “Error 907 Invalid COD.”

At that point, I thought that I was doomed for now at being able to use my Blackberry on geocaching expeditions with my son. But on a hunch, I searched the Blackberry World from my Torch for “CacheSense” and found it there. Downloading and installing from Blackberry World went without a hitch.

At this point, I have not thoroughly explored the application and it does seem to be a bit “clunky” compared to what my son has on his Iphone – but that could be me. I find the Blackberry to be a bit “clunky” overall. In addition, without paying a $9.99 registration fee, the CacheSense application will only run for 30 days. After that in order to continue using it, you’ll need to pay the registration fee.


CacheSense supports both BlackBerry and Google maps. I have not played around enough to know if one is better than the other. And again with the BlackBerry, it can be difficult to locate the Google Maps application. For some reason, Google has removed the link for Blackberries and they are not available on BlackBerry World at the time of this writing.

However, I discovered that if you open your browser on your BlackBerry device and type in the URL: you will be able to download Google Maps.

So far, I have not used CacheSense to locate any caches yet, although the app has downloaded a small list of them that are in my vicinity. I’m going to wait until my son is available and then we can compare notes on each others Geocaching apps and see which one we prefer.

But at least there is an option for the BlackBerry!